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26. 10. 2018

img_3751img_3762img_3779bourjois-dermablend-25I’ve accumulated so many beauty favorites over the past 6 months that I don’t even know to start! This time I closed my eyes and decided to discuss the best skincare and beauty products that come to my mind, so here’s that. Let’s hope I’ll become more organised in that respect and keep you posted about my favorites more often because I have a lot to talk about! :)

The first item I should’ve discussed way sooner is this pricey Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel, the best overnight treatment I’ve ever tried. Retinol (0.5), glycolic acid and Vitamin A are just some of its amazing ingredients that exfoliate your skin overnight, waking up to a perfect complexion. I follow my normal evening routine and apply some serums before I finish with Beauty Sleep once or twice a week. But please don’t forget to use a good 30–50 SPF in the morning so that you won’t create more damage than you tried to fix! It has a hefty price tag of €63, but have in mind that this Alpha-H overnight mask is sometimes offered in 1 + 1 discounts (me and my sis got ours here) so you can team up with a friend or get two for yourself (who wouldn’t want that!).

The second item I should’ve discussed months ago is the Vichy Dermablend foundation in shade 25. I’ve used it throughout the entire summer with the Australian Gold SPF 50 (have to write about that, too…) and my skin is so beautiful in all the photos! Dermablend has middle coverage, but builds very well and has a dewy/slightly velvet finish. At the moment I actually use the Dermablend 3D version in the same shade (although they’re different) because I purchased the wrong one in rush! But I looove it, more mattifying than the original and just the BEST eye shadow base in the world. Any eye shadow stays put until I take it off despite my hooded eyes, so if you’re trying to find an effective eye primer, you should definitely check out Dermablend 3D.
A few months ago I received this Bourjois Silk Edition compact powder in shade 52 and I’m impressed that it performs just as well as my beloved Artdeco powder. It has a very nice mirror and a sponge inside (that I don’t use, but can be handy on the go). Gives a nice finish and the shade is perfect too, I wonder how they knew which one to send me!
 I use many active ingredients and my skin is generally doing great (except from my hormonal breakouts that drive me crazy for a week every month!). The changes are subtle but clearly visible after more than a year since I started introducing them. My skin has become much drier, which I like compared to what it looked like before, but this means I have to focus more on moisturizing. For this reason I purchased the La Roche Posay Toleraine Ultra Fluid for sensitive skin. It’s very gentle and sinks into the skin quickly, which makes it perfect for under the foundation. It only contains 8 ingredients, two of which are Neurosensine and squalene, but once again this is quite a pricey product (€16). The amount is not that huge and I have to apply two to three pumps for my whole face and neck, so my bottle is pretty empty already. There are many great cheaper moisturizers out there, bit if you suffer from sensitive skin, Toleraine Ultra Fluid might be the right for you.
 And now we’ve come to a more nicely scented part of this post. As the months become colder, my preference for scents changes quite a lot, all of a sudden I prefer strong, sweet fragrances, something I could’ve never put up with in the summer. My current favorite from last year is therefore Sikkim Girls by Lush, a powerful oriental fragrance with intense jasmin undertones that surely doesn’t suit a lot of people. But it gives me the kind of warmth I crave on a frosty morning. This reminds me, I have to stop by at Lush and check out some other scents too!
 The last item I have to discuss is the Moringa Shower Gel by the Body Shop. Because their Moringa body butter has the best scent ever, I was really excited to try this shower gel my bestie got me for my birthday. As any other The Body Shop gel, this one is just as thick in consistency, I love it!


21. 1. 2018

I’m slowly starting to hate cold weather, but January sales made it a bit more bearable. Every December I make a plan about all the things that I wish to buy on sales and, as it happens every single year, Lush was one of my top priorities ;) Their selection was waaay more extensive than the previous years, but I came prepared and knew exactly what to look for. I got myself the biggest bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel, just because I am a big hoarder of shower gels at heart. Although I’m getting better and try to use things up, I just couldn’t go by and leave it there! The scent is divine, sugary and sweet with a hint of vanilla. And tiny little glitter, of course, you just feel like a relaxed fairy after your morning shower! My next exciting product is Sikkim Girls. Not a fragrance I would normally go for, but its oriental vibe with a hint of jasmine and flowers got my attention. It is insanely longlasting and my clothes smell so nice for days! Last summer I fell in love with the Lush sun care products. I wanted to try something new, so I went for the Sesame Suntan Lotion. At the store they told me it smells like Snickers and I can partially agree, but I mainly smell tahini, haha! It has a nice creamy texture and looks like it will absorb into the skin quickly, so I’m looking forward to using it at the seaside. Last but not least, no Lush purchase is done without their bath bombs! I went for Plum Snow and actually received My Two Front Teeth from my bestie :) They both smell amazing and I already tried the second one, it has such an intense color! Well, that’s all from my part, have you done any damage at Lush sales this year, too? :)


// Zimskega mraza sem se počasi naveličala, vendar so ga januarske razprodaje naredile malo bolj znosnega ;) Vsak december razmislim, česa se bom lotila na razprodajah, in Lush je bil kot vsako leto praktično na začetku seznama. Njihova izbira je bila letos precej večja kot prejšnja leta, vendar sem prišla pripravljena in sem približno vedela, kaj želim kupiti. Najprej sem se odločila za največji gel za tuširanje Snow Fairy, enostavno zato, ker jih z velikim veseljem hrčkam v kopalnici. Čeprav mi gre bolje in izdelke poskušam porabiti do konca, ga kar nisem mogla pustiti v trgovinici! Vonj je božanski, zelo sladek s kančkom vanilije ter majhnimi bleščicami, tako da se po jutranji prhi res počutim kot zelo spočita vila! Zelo sem navdušena tudi nad dišavo Sikkim Girls, ki sicer ni med mojimi tipičnimi vonji, vendar obožujem njen orientalski pridih z jasminom in cvetličnimi notami. Res je zelo dolgo obstojna in moja oblačila božansko dišijo še nekaj dni! Lansko leto sem se zaljubila v Lusheve izdelke z zaščitnim faktorjem, tako da sem tokrat izbrala Sesame Suntan Lotion. V prodajalni so mi rekli, da diši po Snickersu, mene pa prej spominja na tahini :) Ima zelo prijetno, kremasto strukturo in zdi se mi, da se bo hitro vpil v kožo, zato komaj čakam na poletje. No, ni pravega nakupa brez Lushevih bombic za kopanje, zato sem izbrala Plum Snow, My Two Front Teeth pa mi je podarila prijateljica :) Obe enkratno dišita in drugo sem že uporabila, ima res prelepo barvo. Ste tudi ve našle kakšno malenkost zase? :)