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Sun Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

21. 4. 2017

I’ve had a soft spot for good quality fragrances for a few years now and my fragrance preferences have changed a lot since I was a teenager. I hated sweet scents, but now it is hard to imagine that I would buy a very fresh eau de toilette and actually enjoy using it. When I got the Sun di Gioia by Giorgio Armani as a gift a few months ago, I was nothing but ecstatic to see how it would wear on my skin. I tried it a couple of times at the drugstore, but then I finally got the opportunity to test it out and make a proper review!

This eau de parfum is characterised by very warm notes of vanilla and amber. White flowers and powdery notes also contribute to its feminine touch. The creators of Sun di Gioia wanted to capture the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and when I close my eyes, I can actually see myself lying on the beach savouring every sun ray that touches my skin …

When I spray Sun di Gioia on my skin, vanilla and amber are the notes that predominate at the beginning. However, the focus slowly shifts to floral notes of frangipani, ylang-ylang, bergamot, freesia and jasmine. After a couple of hours, warm notes of vanilla again come to the forefront and stay there until the evening. In my opinion, this is a perfect fragrance for spring and early summer!


Freedom cosmetics goodies

28. 3. 2017

Lovely ladies at Lič surprised Slovenian beauty bloggers with a little gift for the International Women’s Day on 8 March. Each of us got a package with several Freedom make up products, some of them are from their #ProArtist line. Their parcels are always so cute, they wrap your order in a gorgeous wrapping paper with pink make up prints! I received three pieces, a brown I Heart Makeup eyeliner in shade Channeling my inner, an eye shadow shimmer refill in shade 08, and a yellow Pro HD Longwear corrector.

img_9013 img_9049kolaz-2After testing all three products out, I can tell you which one is my absolute favorite: the I heart Makeup eyeliner! It has a brown/bronzy shimmery look to it and an amazing pigmentation. What surprised me the most is that it didn’t smudge in my crease, which is unbelievable. The formula dries up pretty quickly and doesn’t move at all despite my hooded eyes and the fact that all waterproof eyeliners eventually smudge all over my eye lid. I’m really impressed and I see myself ordering another one or two from the same line. Next is the eye shadow refill in a golden, copper shade. The pigmentation is not that intense and it looks very sheer on the eyelid. I think it will work great as a base or transition shade. My least favorite product this time is the Pro HD Longwear corrector, too light for me both in texture and in color. It doesn’t cover the imperfections the way I want it to and you can see that it just sits in small wrinkles under my eyes. I’ll probably mix it with foundations that happen to be too dark for me, I think it would work great this way!

Big thanks to the Lič team, you really made our day even more special!


Real techniques brushes & purple, my favorite combination

17. 3. 2017

Real Techniques Eyes Starter SetReal Techniques Eyes Starter SetReal Techniques Eyes Starter Setimg_8897img_8918
I’ve been a daily user of several Real Techniques face brushes for years, so their eye makeup brushes were an obvious choice when I decided to try something new. And they were purple, who wouldn’t want that! Well, I didn’t buy the them just for their color, but because I wanted a set and this one basically includes every single brush you need. The Real Techniques starter set for eyes consists of the following five brushes: deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, fine liner brush, and brow brush.

So far I’ve tried three of them, both base shadow and crease brush as well as the accent brush. My first impressions are just like I imagined them to be: they are soft, precise and efficient. They complement my current eye shadow brush collection nicely and I really enjoy using the deluxe crease brush, it is much easier to blend everything together and create a smoky eye look now! And the accent brush is great for applying a highlighting eye shadow in the inner corner of my eyes and blending the eye pencil out.

The set also comes in a white panoramic case that is useful for travelling. The case is not the nicest I’ve seen in my life, but it serves its purpose. The right inner part has enough space for five brushes and the left side has two bigger compartments that can be used for storing two additional brushes. I find this amazing, because I can easily add two of my favorite face brushes, the blush and the expert face brush.

However, I have yet to try the fine line brush and the brow brush, first I have to buy a new gel eyeliner and a brow pomade, ha! We always find a way to buy new things, don’t we? :)



Corine de Farme Purity Micellar Water

19. 2. 2017

Corine de Farme Purity Micellar WaterCorine de Farme Purity Micellar Water
I can finally add a new micellar water to my the-micellar-waters-I-already-tested list! I really thought that the Garnier one would me my favorite until the end of my lifetime – especially after my post comparing five micellar waters, but I was wrong. A few months ago, I decided to give the Corine de Farme Purity Micellar Water a go, especially because 97% of its ingredients are from natural origin. It is also paraben-, colorant-free and hypoallergenic and also suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

This micellar water removes my make up like no other product. It is gentle to the skin, but at the same time very efficient. It also cleanses the eye makeup nicely, but it sometimes slightly irritates my eyes (actually nothing crazy, really). The reason why I’m pointing this out is because the label says it is ophthalmologically tested and I would assume it to be completely neutral to the eyes. But at the same time, products have to be somehow intense to remove all that mascara and eyeliners, so there is probably no way of escaping it. I even tried eye removers that were much much more irritable than this Purity Micellar Water, so I’m not complaining. There is no sticky layer left on my face after using it, which I obviously like. Another small thing that bothers me is the pump, it’s impossible to get a small amount of the water out and it sometimes just spurts out without control. But I still love using it because it is so so efficient!

You get 500 ml of the micellar water for around € 10 in Slovenian stores, a real bargain if you ask me. I’m really looking forward to trying more of the Corine de Farme products, they haven’t disappointed me so far!


Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara

12. 2. 2017

A few weeks ago, all of my mascaras suddenly dried up. I immediately decided to try something else than Maybelline or L’Oréal, so I took a more thorough look at the Bourjois counter this time. I acutally haven’t owned a Bourjois mascara since my high school when there were many colorful mascaras available. I was wearing a pink, bright blue or purple mascara every single day, I must have been looking so strange then, haha! So, this time I went for the Bourjois Volume Reveal mascara that I haven’t heard anything about until that day. I quickly read a few reviews online, which were all pretty great, and that really pushed me to try it out myself.

The Volume Reveal mascara has a plastic brush that I love, so nothing new here. When I tried it out for the first time, I was so so impressed! It adds a lot of length to my eyelashes with the first application (and I don’t use any eyelash curler). As you can see below, the second and the third layer add even more volume and a bit of length, but make my lashes much more visible without making them clumpy. In addition, the wear time is great and I can run errands for the whole day and there won’t be any black crumbles below my eyes than it happens with some cheaper mascaras. I usually apply only one or two layers, I rarely go any further for my daily look! All in all, the Bourjois Volume Reveal is an amazing mascara that retails at around € 10 and can be easily compared to the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara.



Silky Underwear and Fairy Dust

8. 1. 2017

img_7087img_7071 img_7076img_7090
Oh my, there are now words to describe how much I love Lush! I went completely nuts on their sales last week and got many products I’ve been wanting to try for a long time (haha!). The first two Lush products I went for are two dusting powders with the dreamiest scents on earth! The first one is Silky Underwer with a delicate soft scent. Jasmine absolute and vetivert give it a nice fragrance, whereas a hint of cacao butter moisturizes the skin and makes it incredibly soft. The second one is Fairy Dust, part of the Christmas limited edition and a great addition to any product from the Snow Fairy collection, if you ask me. This one has much sweeter musky notes and, to make it even more festive, tiny glitter! Both of them are a dream to use and I cannot wait to see how they will perform in spring and summer!


Best Beauty Buys of 2016

5. 1. 2017

Yet another year has come to an end which means I have a bunch of favorites to share with you guys! Here I gathered eight products that really stepped out last year and all of them were mentioned at least once before. This also means that there are tons of other great products that I still love without mentioning here, so you can read more about them in my monthly favorites!

First must be the Zoeva Cocoa Blend, an amazing warm-toned palette with some of the most blendable eye shadows I own. It’s very versatile and you can create a variety of shimmery as well as matt looks (more here!). Another makeup item is the Makeup Designory blush in shade Garnet. Its red wine hue creates a wonderful flush of color and goes well with every skin tone (more here!). As for the lips, I cannot go without mentioning the Kiko Milano Smart Lip Pencil in a mauve shade 711. This is such a lovely all-around color, I wear it on its own for a matt look or add some lipstick if I want it more glossy and moisturising (more here!). In terms of nail polish, I love love the Alessandro one in shade Baby Blue. The quality and longevity are beyond amazing, I think there are some other shades that would quickly find their place in my collection (more here!)!

There are two The Body Shop products that I’ve loved since summer. The first one is the Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Clay Mask, a very refreshing cleansing mask. As their Tea Tree line is among my favorites, there was no doubt this mask would work great for me. It’s very cooling on the skin but it really doesn’t dry it out as much as other clay masks do! The second product is the amazing Moringa Body Butter, oh how much I love it! The Body Shop body butters are always so moisturising and nourishing and the fact that they smell amazing is just another big bonus. I love them all, but this one is definitely the most used at the moment (more here and here!). As for face serums, I used the Lavera Organic Mint Moisturizing Fluid to the last drop! It’s insanely moisturising and beautifully preps my skin for makeup (more here!). Last but not least, I really really loved the Corine de Farme Refreshing Orange Blossom Mist, a very refreshing and hydrating face mist. I’ve been using it mostly in my evening routine before applying face oils or rich night creams (more here!). Oh and I love its scent, it reminds me of summer 

//Konec je še enega leta, kar pomeni, da imam kar nekaj najljubših izdelkov, ki bi jih rada delila z vami! Izbrala sem osem takih, ki so lani res izstopali in sem jih vsaj enkrat že omenila. To tudi pomeni, da obstaja veliko izdelkov, ki jih rada uporabljam, vendar jih tokrat ne bom omenjala – lahko jih preberete v mesečnih objavah o najljubših izdelkih!

Najprej moram omeniti paletko za oči s toplimi toni Zoeva Cocoa Blend, kjer so zbrane ene najbolj kremastih senčk za oči, kar jih imam. Zelo je vsestranska, saj lahko z njo ustvarimo celo vrsto svetlečih in mat videzov (več tukaj!). Drugi izdelek za obraz je rdečilo za lička Makeup Designory v odtenku Garnet. Barva rdečega vina ustvari prelep odtenek na licih in se poda vsem tipom kože! Kar zadeva ustnice, moram omeniti Kiko Milano Smart Lip Pencil v slezenastem odtenku 711. Uporabljam jo samo, ko želim mat videz, ali pa dodam šminko, če želim, da je bolj svetleča in vlažilna. Pri lakih za nohte sem lani najraje uporabljala lak za nohte znamke Alessandro v odtenku Baby Blue. Kakovost laka in obstojnost sta neverjetni in v liniji je kar nekaj drugih odtenkov, ki bi hitro našli mesto v moji kolekciji!

Omeniti moram tudi dva izdelka znamke The Body Shop, ki sem jih vestno uporabljala od poletja. Prvi je Tea Tree Skin Cleansing Clay Mask, zelo osvežilna čistilna maska za obraz s čajevcem. Njihova linija s čajevcem je med mojimi najljubšimi, tako da sem vedela, da mi bo tudi ta maska ustrezala. Na kožo deluje ohlajevalno, vendar je ne izsuši, tako kot jo vse ostale maske z glino. Drugi izdelek je Moringa Body Butter, tako ga rada uporabljam! Vsa The Body Shop masla za telo so vedno zelo hranljiva in vlažilna in dejstvo, da prekrasno dišijo, je samo še en velik bonus. Vsa masla imam zelo rada, tega pa res največ uporabljam. Če moram izbrati še en fluid za obraz, n bi izbrala Lavera Organic Mint Moisturizing Fluid, ki sem ga porabila do zadnje kapljice! Kožo res noro navlaži in lepo pripravi na nanos ličil. Nazadnje pa moram omeniti še meglico za obraz Corine de Farme Refreshing Orange Blossom Mist, ki je izjemno osvežilna. Večinoma jo uporabljam v večerni rutini, preden nanesem olja ali bogate nočne kreme. In obožujem njen vonj, spominja me na poletje