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Chia pudding with persimmon and homemade granola

27. 1. 2020

Although I live for warm winter breakfasts, I sometimes make myself something more refreshing based on fruit. In my opinion, chia is really fun to use because of its texture and can be a basis for a wonderful cooking- and fuss-free chia pudding. This time I added a slightly sour coconut yoghurt, persimmon, which is nicely sweet towards the end of the season, and some homemade granola for a crunchy kick (one of my recipes is here). And why not join all of these together and have it for breakfast? :) It packs a bunch of healthy fats, is light and tasty, but also very refreshing and reminded me of spring and summer (I cannot wait!). I usually have it for breakfast, so I put it together ahead in the evening. For one person I used:

two tbsp chia ♥ two tbsp coconut yoghurt ♥ two tbsp water ♥ one persimmon ♥ some granola

I added two spoons of coconut yoghurt and two spoons of water into a glass (I could have used plant-based milk, but you cant skip this step for a thicker pudding), and then add two spoons of chia seeds. This mixture needs to be stirred thoroughly so that no lumps of chia are formed, and put it into the fridge for a couple of hours (or overnight). In the morning, I peeled a soft persimmon (the usual soft type, not vanilla), blended it with a mixer and poured over chia pudding. Then I just added some homemade granola and chia pudding is served, yum!



20. 7. 2018

The one thing I like the most about the summer is the abundance of fresh, home-grown fruits and veggies. And there’s no better way to start your day than with a delicious smoothie, right? ;) These days I’m obsessed with this red smoothie, packed with vitamins and minerals. As usual, the recipe for this healthy beet and raspberry smoothie is so simple it hurts, but is very nutritious and will fill you up for hours! For two people I used:

two small ripe bananas    a bunch of greens, such as beet leaves (great for salads, too!), kale, and parsley  ♥ 
one beet    a handful of raspberries    1 heaping tablespoon vegan protein powder   1 teaspoon maca powder

Peel the bananas and the beet and put them in the blender along with washed greens. I also love adding one big tablespoon of vegan protein powder, I currently have this one, and one teaspoon of maca powder that is great for hormones – both of them are by Nutrisslim (I got them at Interspar). Then just add one cup of water and start blending! If you prefer sweeter smoothies, add a date or two, but you can obviously add some peanut or almond butter. Voilà! Then just top these off with some chia seeds and raspberries. If this isn’t the most perfect breakfast ever, I don’t know what it is! :)


A dessert-for-breakfast smoothie!

20. 4. 2016

As you can see from the title, we’ll be discussing smoothies again, yay! I’ve posted quite a few recipes over the last few years, but none of them was so good that I would eat the exact same type every single day for weeks. Let’s see how to make it and what it has to offer:

2 ripe bananas    a bunch of greens (eg. spinach, rocket)    a big cup of blueberries
2 tbsp peanut butter    2 tbsp cacao  ♥  1 cup water    1 tsp chia seeds

Smoothies are such an easy dish to do: just put everything in a blender and let it do its job for a few minutes. Then pour in glasses and sprinkle with chia seeds, voilà!

I just want to mention that try to get a peanut butter without any additional oils or sugar – some store-bought peanut butters are full of hydrogenated oils and who knows what else. I get mine at DM as it is only made of peanuts!

This smoothie is a health bomb in a glass! Bananas are full of potassium and will give you lots of energy, blueberries and cacao are packed with antioxidants and chia seeds will provide you with a bunch of beneficial nutrients. I usually add a teaspoon of maca powder as well, I think it gives me so much energy that I don’t need my typical cup of coffee in the morning at all!


You can also take a look at two of my other smoothies – although they are completely different in color, I promise you they are just as amazing:  1) a pink one and 2) a good old green smoothieEnjoy!