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11. 7. 2018

img_2037img_2035Orange is without a doubt an amazing, vibrant shade that goes well to any summer outfit. However, not any orange shade cuts it through to my makeup vanity! If I only had to choose one nail polish to use for the rest of the year, my answer would be really simple: I’d pick the Collistar gloss nail lacquer with gel effect in shade Arancio Solare 542. I bought it around two months ago because I really needed a new nail polish. Honestly, I stopped buying new ones last year as soon as I realised my nail polish count significantly exceeded 50. So, I wanted something new and tried to find a real orangey orange, which is really hard to find to my surprise! There aren’t many orange shades available, and even when there are, the color is always more on the red side.

This is how I found my Arancio Solare, wore it non-stop (always two layers, of course), and almost used it up. The lacquer itself is really long lasting as well, probably one of the best ones I have at the moment. The bottle looks quite worn down, but I’m sure I’ll use it up to the last drop. What can I say, I love myself some statement nails!


Mini Sephora haul

6. 3. 2015


Me, my sister and my mom spontaneously decided to go shopping in Gorizia recently. Besides strolling around and going for a coffee, we were also – shopping! :) I got a bunch of things from Ikea (I’m in love with their mugs and bowls and candles and stationery … basically everything!!) and a few clothing items, but I have to mention I went to Sephora for the first time in my life, yayyy   You can imagine my joy when I noticed the Sephora sign a few stores ahead, my heart started racing like mad, haha! As I didn’t expect to come across Sephora that day, I didn’t have the chance to properly think about what to get. This is why I randomly decided to get a nail polish and a blush from the Sephora brand which I heard is quite awesome.



Their nail polish selection is just crazy, they have so many colors! Because I cannot help my obsession with red nails, I went for another red nail polish in shade red excess. It’s a gorgeous deep wine/red color (that, again, looks much lighter in the pictures), maybe a bit too on the autumn-y side, but still very wearable. The opacity is great, but I nevertheless apply two coats because it’s a bit runny and very thin layers of nail polish chip off immediately on my nails. I’ll post swatches some other time, preferably with another camera…


The second product is a beautiful peachy hydrating blush in shade coral flush. I’ve been looking for such a color for so long and now that I have it, I literally use it all the time. This is a soft peachy blush with delicate gold shimmer that aren’t visible at all once it’s applied on the cheeks. As the name already indicates, you can create a lovely flush that somehow blends with the skin and seems completely natural.

The store had lots of amazing brands including Benefit, Nars, Too Faced and a few more that I cannot remember at the moment. Pure make up heaven, but I believe it is insane to spend €30 for a product just for the sake of it. And let’s be honest, I already have enough makeup for my lifetime and the last thing I need is to pile it up while I should finish at least some of it :D

Have you already tried any products from Sephora? :)

Take care 



NOTD #4 – Revlon Charming

23. 4. 2014

I love violet clothes, my violet watch, violet wardrobe, violet umbrella … and last but not least, my Revlon pastel violet nail polish. I’ve had it for a month and use it at least once per week, aaaa! Luckily, the jar contains quite a lot of polish, but I’ll have to find a new one at some point in the future. Until then, I’ll be happy to wear it and I’ll pretend that it will be with me forever :D

Ljubim vijolična oblačilasvojo, vijolično uro, vijoličo omaro, vijoličen dežnik … in navsezadnje Revlonov pastelno vijoličen lak za nohte. Imam ga en mesec in na nohtih ga imam vsaj enkrat na teden, aaaa! Na srečo ga je v posodici res veliko, vendar bom morala na neki točki v prihodnosti poiskati novega. Do takrat pa ga bom veselo nosila in se pretvarjala, da ga bom imela za vedno :D

IMG_9232 IMG_9223



3D manicure

13. 1. 2014

V naslednjih tednih me čaka zelo zahteven izpit, zato žal razmišljam o povsem drugih stvareh. Lani sem v enem izmed londonskih Primarkov čisto po naključju našla 3D manikuro oz. kaviar manikuro. Izbrala sem komplet s srebrnorjavim lakom in zlatimi, zelenimi in mareličnimi perlicami. Do sedaj sem jo uporabila le dvakrat, tako da je bil že čas, da vajo ponovim in dokumentiram ;)

I have a big exam in the next few weeks, so I unfortunately think about completely different things. Last year I found a 3D manicure or caviar manicure in one of the Primarks in London. I chose a set with a silver-brown nail polish and golden, green and apricot-y beads. I used it only twice until now, so it is time to repeat and document it ;)


Komplet vsebuje lak za nohte, perlice, majhen lijak za perlice in majhen podstavek, nad katerim si perlice stresemo na noht. Priloženega laka nisem uporabila, ker nisem preveč prepričana v kvaliteto. Uporabila sem kar Catrice lak, ki je priloženemu zelo podoben.

The set includes the nail polish, beads, a small funnel and a small tray, above which we sprinkle the beads on the nail. I did not use the original polish, but a Catrice one which is similar to the original one.



Nato lijak postavimo v lonček s perlicami in odvečne perlice stresemo nazaj. Kako pametno, jaz bi jih verjetno kar s prsti pospravljala :D

Then we put the funnel in the bead pot and “pour” the excessive beads back in the pot. How clever, I would most probably try to put them back with my fingers :D




Kasneje sem čez manikuro nanesla en sloj nadlaka, da perlice ne bodo takoj popadale stran. Manikura je strašansko lepa na pogled, vendar je meni osebno najlepše, če jo imam samo na enem nohtu. Dela je enostavno preveč, da bi jo naredila na vseh nohtih. Če bi si jo naredila na vseh, bi nosila manj nakita ali bolj enostavna oblačila, da manikure ne zasenčim ;)

Later, I applied one coat of the top sealer to secure the beads from falling off. The manicure is beautiful, but I personally think it is best to have it on only one nail. The process is absolutely too long to have it on all the nails. If I had it on all of them, I would have less of jewellery or wear very simple clothes not to overshadow the manicure ;)



3D manikura je enkratna za posebne priložnosti ali pa za dneve, ki si jih želimo popestriti z vsakim pogledom na lepe nohtke ;) Priporočam!

3D manicure is great for special occasions or just for the days we want to diversify with every view of our beautiful nails ;) I recommend!