img_9267img_9293img_9308img_9275img_9323As I’m getting older, my perception of beauty has changed quite a bit. My focus has slightly shifted towards skincare in the past year and I started incorporating some active ingredients into my morning skincare routine. The first thing I always do after waking up is washing my face with cold water. This instantly wakes me up and I feel so refreshed afterwards! After that I usually make myself a cup of coffee, read the news and go through some of my favorite blogs (such as Janni, Mariannan and Caroline Berg Eriksen – it seems that I adore the Scandinavian girls!) :)

Then it’s time to take a shower and this is when I use the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser, a nice gentle cleanser with glycolic acid. I don’t use many products in the morning because I have a very thorough cleansing routine in the evening. When my face is dry, I spray my face with a face mist. These weeks I’ve been using the Melvita Damask Rose floral water, I also love Tea Tree Water by Lush or any other mist by L’Occitane. Then I’ll apply some eye cream and currently I’m using the Soothing eye contour cream by Avène. I love how moisturizing it is, I really need that before applying makeup to the eye area. I also love the Enchanted Eye Cream by Lush, you can read my review here (I still have some left at home, such a treat!). Moving on, my favorite serum at the moment is the Caudalie Glow activating anti-wrinkle serum, such an amazing item! I always prefer serums over thick creams and this one preps my face for makeup perfectly. And to end the routine, especially on sunny days, I apply the Avène sunscreen with SPF 50 all over my face. I know this is a very high SPF, but I prefer applying smaller quantities and still having some protection against the sun rays than smearing my face with the product. It has a very nice formula, sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t make my face oily. This one also doesn’t affect my makeup wear time or how it looks, so it’s a perfect all-around sunscreen for makeup lovers like me :) Well, this is all regarding my morning skincare at the moment, but please share your preferences, I would love to hear your favorites! :)

Extraordinary Melvita

Winter is almost here and my preparations to start fighting dry skin before it’s too late are in full swing. It seems that Melvita was thinking weeks ahead before the Beautiful Bloggers Meet Up, they assembled such cute packages for each of us! Inside there were two products that have quickly become a staple in my skincare routine. They also have their own website if you wish to take a look:

The first one is the L’Or Bio Extraordinary Oil, a nicely scented dry oil with five oils: Argan, Kendi, Buriti, Inca Inchi and Pracaxi oils. Most of them are completely new to me, but the blend of all of them creates a very delicate skincare item that can be used on the face, body and on the hair. I am mostly using it on my body and on my hair, and oh my, how good and shiny my hair looks the day after applying L’Or Bio! Really an extraordinary product that works great on the entire body and does not leave any oily residue.

The second product is the L’Or Bio Extraordinary Hand Cream. Such creams are usually very heavy, but not this one. It comes in a slightly lighter form, has a nice scent and immediately sinks into the skin. I can already see that the skin on my hands has improved these past few weeks and there is no other hand cream to praise than L’Or Bio!


Zima je že skoraj tukaj in moje priprave na boj proti suhi koži, preden je prepozno, so že v polnem teku. Pri Melviti so na to mislili že tedne pred dogodkom Beautiful Bloggers Meet Up, saj so za vsako izmed nas pripravili lušten paketek! Notri sta se skrivala dva izdelka, ki sta hitro postala glavna v moji rutini za nego kože. Melvita ima pri nas tudi svojo spletno stran, ki jo lahko obiščete na

Prvi izdelek je L’Or Bio ali Izjemno zlato olje s prijetnim vonjem in petimi dragocenimi olji: arganovim, kendi, buriti, inca inchi in pracaxi oljem. Večina teh olj je meni popolnoma nova, njihova mešanica pa ustvari zelo nežen izdelek za nego, ki se ga lahko uporablja na obrazu, telesu ali na laseh. Največkrat ga nanesem na kožo po celem telesu in na lase – lasje se dan po nanosu olja tako svetijo! Res izjemen izdelek, ki se ga lahko uporablja za celo telo, ne da bi za seboj pustil masten sloj.

Drugi izdelek pa je L’Or Bio izjemna krema za roke. Kreme za roke na osnovi olj so običajno zelo težke, ta pa je popolno nasprotje. Gre za kremo z lažjo teksturo, ima prijeten vonj in hitro se vpije v kožo. Že zdaj vidim, da je koža na rokah v boljšem stanju kot pred nekaj tedni in vse zasluge gredo ravno kremi L’Or Bio!

Skin hydration on point

img_2362img_2410img_2387I’ve already stated several times that I love using face serums and mists as I feel my skin mainly needs hydration. I don’t have any wrinkles yet at this point so I don’t feel like using heavy and rich creams that would make my mixed skin even more confused than it already is. I recently added another item to my skincare routine that I already love so so much. I’m talking about the Eau Extraordinaire Fleur d’Oranger by Melvita. Don’t be scared of these French words, it just means we’re talking about an Orange Blossom Extraordinary Water!

Eau Extraordinaire Fleur d’Oranger is a pre-moisturizer in a liquid form with orange blossom water that will soften and soothe your skin. Another essential ingredient is hyaluronic acid which moisturizes the skin and improves its texture. The gel-like water sinks into the skin in a matter of seconds and leaves a very soft feeling to the touch. It works great on its own, but I usually apply a serum on top in the morning before the rest of my make up routine. And the scent, I love orange blossom and this is another product that I wouldn’t mind smelling all day long! I would certainly recommend it to anyone who already use serums or wish to add a bit of mositurizing products to their skincare routine.

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