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Healthy Skin Harmony & my holiday makeup

26. 12. 2017

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Honestly, I have never met a pickier person when it comes to choosing a new foundation. Is it just me or are foundations that have a good coverage, hold for a decent period of time and don’t crease in wrinkles really hard to find? Countless times have I bought a foundation that looked great on my skin in the drugstore and turned out to be a huge disappointment. And believe me, I was really skeptical when I received the Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony foundation (and a Creme Puff pressed foundation, but I’ve already had it before and I loved it!). Firstly, I’ve tested several of their liquid foundations before and none of them fitted my skin tone and secondly, because how on earth would they be able to choose the right shade for me?! And the question about the wear time was still open at that point.

The reason why I am talking about it now is because I really wanted to embrace my inner skeptic and be 200% sure what I am talking about. Initially I received a slightly light Healthy Skin Harmony in shade Beige 55, but unfortunately the pump was broken. Then they sent me a darker shade Sand 60. When I realized that the second shade was too dark, I mixed both of them up and got the perfect shade for my complexion!

Healthy Skin Harmony has:

high coverage  very moisturizing formula ♦ great wear time

So, I can finally tell you that I LOVE this foundation!! I hesitated so much about using it in public for the first time as I never know whether the foundation will oxidize on my skin … But I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the combination of the two shades matches my skin tone perfectly and doesn’t change over time. Its texture is quite thick, which means you use quite a lot of the product, but it also means it is highly buildable. Healthy Skin Harmony has a great wear time, especially when I fix it with the Creme Puff pressed foundation. I’ve already used the exact same powder before so I knew this would be a great addition to my makeup collection. All in all, this foundation has met my standards and I cannot recommend it enough to those who are looking for a high-coverage foundation that would last on your face from the morning till the evening.

This is also my favorite holiday makeup look, I love pairing the foundation with some bronzer, colorful eyes and a pop of highlight on my cheeks (and this Makeup Revolution Pro Amplified highlighting palette is AH-MAZING!!). On the photos you can also see everything that I wore that day–my current makeup staples, some of them are new and some are already among my favorites. Having said all that, Healthy Skin Harmony is Vesna en violet–approved and I will definitely buy it again when when I use it up!


New in + short reviews

18. 12. 2014


Guilty as charged: I’ve gone a bit crazy with shopping this month! As I usually cannot wait to test every product as soon as I get home, this post will be a combination of the things I purchased and some short reviews. It is featuring makeup and skincare; however, there will be another one going online soon and will focus on some of my latest hair products.


The first one is the Ziaja hand cream with coconut. It contains coconut lipids, rich in omega 3 and 6, and canola oil. I have to say, I was a bit sceptic about this one because the scent is incredibly strong, but it turned out to be one of my favorite hand creams so far! It is very moisturising and melts into the skin in seconds. On the plus side, the price is just around € 2–3 in DM.  ♦  The second one is the Gabriela Sabatini Eau de toilette. I’ve been thinking about getting this one for a week and then my sister got it for me as a present! ♥ The scent is very complex, for those who are not very professional in the perfume district (me included!), this is somehow similar to the Chanel 5. I made a “short research” and to my surprise, they both share some fragrance notes, such as neroli, jasmine and sandalwood. I would say that not a lot of women approve of this kind of perfumes, especially because the scent is very strong and stays with you throughout the whole day. Again, it is very affordable, the 30 ml bottle costs just around € 20. Needless to say, I love it!


I almost finished my Gariner micellar water, so I decided to try the L’Oréal Skin Perfection. It works great as well and cleanses the skin in no time. The only difference I’ve noticed so far is that I don’t feel the need to wash may face after I use it like I do after using the Garnier one. It costs € 5,99 in DM, but I got it for 3,99 with one of the coupons for 150 points.  ♦  The next product is the Balea Oil Fluid for face cleansing with camellia oil and vitamin E. It promises to remove makeup and other impurities. I certainly expected too much from this product, especially after such a long period of using micellar waters. The fluid didn’t lather as it should accordding to the packaging, but rather created a weird milk-like texture and just messed up all of my makeup. It is probably best to use it after removing everything in the evening or in the morning. It costs around € 2.


I wrote about the Max Factor Excess Shimmer in shade Bronze two weeks ago and I’ve been using it almost every day ever since. ♥ It costs around € 10.  ♦  The second eyeshadow is the L’Oréal  Color Riche eyeshadow in shade Lumiere (500). It’s a beautiful golden eyeshadow with great pigmentation, but I haven’t tried it properly yet. I may make a separate post about it in the near future. The price is around € 8.


Last but not least, we have two nail polishes. The first one is the Maybelline Colorama nail polish in shade 165, a lovely taupe color. As I’ve said countless times, their long lasting effect surprises me every single time. With this one, two coats are obligatory, as the first one is really transparent and uneven. The price is a bit less than € 3.  ♦  The second one is the Catrice Luxury Lacquers in shade Bronze Upon a Time (06), isnt’t the name just adorable? :D The glitter has gorgeous copper and golden shades, very festive indeed. It costs around € 4.  In addition, I’ll be featuring both of them in one of the posts in the following week.

Have you tried any of these products so far? :)

Take care ♥



Max Factor Excess Shimmer ♦ Bronze

7. 12. 2014

I’m all ready for the new week, my hair is freshly washed and my nails are getting quite festive, so I’m just going to seize the opportunity to show you my latest favorite beauty purchase. If I’m honest, I’ve already started to hoard some new makeup bits for Christmas parties and the New Year’s Eve, so exciting! ♥ Last week, I saw the Max Factor new eye shadows Excess Shimmer. They are creamy eye shadows with great pigmentation and long lasting formula, basically everything that I need for a carefree dinner or party. I already have two Color Tattoo eye shadows and I’m very pleased with them, the first one is in shade Permanent Taupe (40), a gorgeous taupe matt and opaque finish, and the second one is Metallic Pomegranate (70), lovely violet/red shimmery shade. Nevertheless, I really wanted to find a darker shimmery shade with the same consistency, and you can assume my first reaction when I saw the Excess Shimmer in DM for the first time! Only two shades were available at the time, the Bronze (the one I have) and the Copper shades, if I’m not mistaken.


The first thing I noticed is that the Excess Shimmer is much creamier and blendable than the Maybelline ones. They are somehow harder to apply; don’t get me wrong, they are great alone as well as a base, but you have to be careful if you want to build these shades up. This is not the case with the Excessive Shimmer, a very thin coat will create a subtle look, whereas every new coat will give you more coverage. In addition, the shimmer is a bit smaller in comparison with the Metallic Pomegranate (Color Tattoo). Plus, it must be great for creating smokey eyes by adding a darker plum or brown shade (I have yet to try it out!).


All in all, I just love this eye shadow and I can’t wait to start using it on a daily basis. I’ll try to make my festive look for December in a week or two, I hope the pictures will be more representative then. Now I just have to find a similar golden eye shadow and I’m good for a couple of months ;)
Have you tried any of the Excess Shimmer or Color Tattoo eye shadows? :)