Vanilla & Jasmine

img_3090 img_3092… and it’s finally mine, one of the best vanilla and jasmine fragrances in the world! Last week I celebrated my birthday and my sister surprised me with Vanillary, a fragrance by Lush that has been on my wish list for quite a while. Sweet notes of vanilla blend with tonka absoulte and jasmine to create one of the most warm perfumes out there. Although Vanillary is a completely vegan product, I can assure you its longevity will take you by surprise. Just a few sprays on my neck and hair are enough for the whole day and I keep noticing the scent on my hair up until the evening, I love it! Because of its warm, sweet notes it’s absolutely wonderful to use in the autumn and winter, but I’m still using it on the summer days that aren’t too hot. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, if you generally don’t like vanilla scents you get in drugstores, you should give this one a go because it’s definitely something special!

Another Lush gem: Enchanted Eye Cream

Surprise, surprise, I have a new Lush favorite! You already know that I prefer serums over thick creams, so I was eager to try out the Enchanted Eye Cream (the Slovenian Lush website). My sister’s been using it all the time for around two years (and I loved it when I was at her place!). When I realised the skin around my eyes was very dry at the beginning of winter, I decided to buy it in a matter of microseconds during the sales in January. The Enchanted Eye Cream is a very gentle and fresh eye cream with lavender honey water, almond and jojoba oil. I love using it in the morning before I apply my daily cream and makeup, or in the evening before I go to bed. My skin is much softer and even concealer and foundation also look much better now. The only downside I can find is the pump – it’s impossible to get a small amount of the product out of the bottle (but I still make it work). So, if you’re looking for a very light-weight and moisturizing eye cream, this might just be it!

Silky Underwear and Fairy Dust

img_7087img_7071 img_7076img_7090
Oh my, there are now words to describe how much I love Lush! I went completely nuts on their sales last week and got many products I’ve been wanting to try for a long time (haha!). The first two Lush products I went for are two dusting powders with the dreamiest scents on earth! The first one is Silky Underwer with a delicate soft scent. Jasmine absolute and vetivert give it a nice fragrance, whereas a hint of cacao butter moisturizes the skin and makes it incredibly soft. The second one is Fairy Dust, part of the Christmas limited edition and a great addition to any product from the Snow Fairy collection, if you ask me. This one has much sweeter musky notes and, to make it even more festive, tiny glitter! Both of them are a dream to use and I cannot wait to see how they will perform in spring and summer!

//Ahh, ni besed, s katerimi bi opisala, kako imam rada Lush! Prejšnji teden sem na njihovih razprodajah kar malo pretiravala, vzela sem nekaj izdelkov, ki sem jih že nekaj časa želela preizkusiti (hihi!). Prva dva izdelka sta pudra za telo z najbolj sanjskima vonjema na svetu! Prvi je nežni Silky Underwear z absolutom jasmina in vetiverjem, ki mu dasta prelep vonj. Dodano je tudi kakavovo maslo, ki kožo vlaži in jo naredi izjemno mehko. Drugi puder pa je Fairy Dust, ki je del omejene božične kolekcije in je super dodatek h kateremukoli izdelku iz kolekcije Snow Fairy. Ta ima mnogo bolj sladke, mošusne note in, kar je še bolj praznično, manjše bleščice! Oba sta izjemno prijetna za uporabo in komaj čakam, da ju preizkusim pomladi in poleti!

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