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The power of Kolagenlift

14. 12. 2017

img_7455img_7440Although I am a huge supporter of healthy foods for maintaining our health, I’ve come to realise there’s only so much we can do for ourselves with our diet. My 30s are only a few years ahead, so I’m trying to educate myself about anti-ageing as much as I can before it will be too late, haha! What I love about a Slovenian company Medex is not just their wide range of products mainly based on honey, but the fact that they have also created some powerful supplements that can help us maintain our youthful appearance. I’ve heard many amazing things about their collagen and I cannot wait to start using my collagen mixture Kolagenlift with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. It is supposed to reduce wrinkles, improve the skin’s elasticity and have a positive impact on our hair and nails. Of course I will keep you posted and I intend to take it religiously for several months as I really want to see the end result.

Medex has also given me a promo code for my readers! You can use 98JDCKNU for a 15 % discount from their website until the end of 2017. And a cute idea for a healthy NY’s eve beverage: a Sparkling Collagen bubbly! These cute cocktails were served at the Beauty conference and they were a true hit. All you need to do is add one scoop of your favorite Medex collagen powder to your glass and top it with some sparkling water or sparkling wine. And it instantly turns pink, what a treat!