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Gluten free Christmas cookies

30. 12. 2018

I asked my boyfriend to help me out and this is what he came up with … :D

Hi, my loves! I hope you had an amazing Christmas week, I had so much fun spending some time with my family <3 And baking cookies is another thing I like doing around Christmas. Luckily I took some pictures along the way and because I really liked the end result, you can find the recipe below. If you don’t know it yet, gluten free cookies almost always taste different than the regular ones – especially if you try to make them healthy in general. Although I love how they turned out, my grandparents made it clear that they prefer the traditional version ;) As you’ll see, the recipe is really simple, so there’s no reason not to try doing them! I also added some golden flax seed flour Special that was sent to me by Lepa z naravo, an online store retailing organic and cruelty-free cosmetics, but also LCHF flours and other dietary products. This is how I made them:

500 g gluten free flour    250 g golden flax seed flour    1/2 tsp salt    2 tbsp gingerbread mixture
ground nutmeg & cinnamon    275 g butter    200 g brown sugar    2 tbsp agave sirup/honey  ♥  1 egg

Add both flours, gingerbread, spices and salt into a bowl and mix. In a separate bowl, mix together butter and sugar on low speed and after 3 minutes, add one egg. When everything comes together, add the agave sirup or honey. Then start adding the flour & spice mixture spoon by spoon. At the end, the dough still looks sticky, but don’t be discouraged! You’ll form three balls, wrap them in plastic foil and put into the freezer (or on the balcony, winter is great for baking!) for 15 minutes. Then preheat oven to 200°C.

When the dough has rested for some time, take one ball, put it on a floured surface and gently press down. Then add some more flour on top, spread it with your fingers and then start rolling until the dough has around 0.5 cm. Then you’re ready to start cutting cookies! I mostly made stars, to be in the spirit of Christmas, but also some animals. However, the moose was too large and it broke down before I managed to decorate it …

Put into the oven for 10 minutes or until they are golden brown. Then put them on a rack and when they cool down, you can decorate them as you wish. I used the Dr.Oetker sugar pen, but I was so disappointed! It was hard to get the paste out, it didn’t attach to the cookies and above all, I just don’t like the taste. If I’m honest, I’ve never had any good experiences with these sorts of tubes. I’ll have to visit a professional baking store, maybe they’ll be able to help me out!


Sour cherry pie & chocolate frosting

18. 4. 2017

I’m a huge pie lover and since we’ve had an amazing weather in the last couple of weeks (this week excluded), I felt an extreme urge to bake. Pies, that is. ANY pies with a fruit filling! They are so easy to prepare, you just throw everything for the crust together and experiment with different sorts of toppings. So the first pie I made two weeks ago was a vegan and gluten-free sour cherry pie with coconut-chocolate frosting. I wasn’t particularly happy with the rice flour crust as it was too dry, but the rest of it was amazing.

For the sour cherry filling I used 450 g defrosted sour cherries, 2 tablespoons of agar agar flakes and 2 tablespoons of coconut sugar. I simmered them for about 10 minutes to let the agar agar flakes dissolve completely. Then I poured a slightly cooled filling onto the pre-baked crust. As for the chocolate frosting, I melted 100 g of a good quality dark chocolate and two teaspoons of coconut milk, I like this combo so much! I poured that on top and tried to cover the whole pie with the chocolate using a spatula. I put it into the freezer overnight and served it the next day. I love the combination of sour cherries and chocolate, it’s so refreshing and I love the fact that there is no additional sugar. Yummm!



Gluten-free granola

19. 8. 2014


The time for the gluten-free homemade granola recipe has come. I always do it out of the ingredients that I already have at home, which makes them different every single time. The main ingredients are nuts and seeds, everything else is just optional. You can always add oatmeal, usually essential in granola. 

Tako, pa je prišel čas še za recept za domače brezglutenske muslije. Jaz jih vedno naredim iz sestavin, ki jih že imam doma, tako da so skoraj vsakič drugačni. Glavna sestavina so oreščki in semena, ostalo pa dodajam po želji. Seveda lahko dodate tudi ovsene kosmiče, ki so pri muslijih običajno nepogrešljivi. 


We’ll need:

a package of slivered almonds    one cup of mixed seeds    one cup of coconut pieces and coconut flour   one tablespoon of flax seeds   one tablespoon of sesame    cinnamon    a big tablespoon of honey or two tablespoons of coconut sugar

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl and pour them on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Warm up the coconut oil in a small bowl, add and dissolve honey or coconut sugar. Pour the mixture over the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Put in a preheated oven (180 °C) for 15 minutes. While baking, stir the mixture several times and watch out that all the parts are being baked equally. If you prefer a stronger flavor, leave them in the oven for a few extra minutes.


paket narezanih mandljev    lonček mešanih semen    lonček kokosovih koščkov in kokosove moke  ♥  žlica lanenih semen  ♥  žlica sezama   velika žlica kokosovega olja    cimet    velika žlica medu ali dve žlici kokosovega sladkorja

Vse suhe sestavine zmešamo v posodi in stresemo na pekač, prekrit s peki papirjem. Nato v manjši posodi pogrejemo kokosovo olje, vmešamo med ali kokosov sladkor in počakamo, da se raztopi. Mešanico prelijemo čez suhe sestavine in dobro premešamo. Postavimo v vnaprej segreto pečico na 180 °C za 15 minut. Večkrat dobro premešamo in pazimo, da so vsi deli enako zapečeni. Če imate raje bolj močen okus, jih lahko v pečici pustite še nekaj minut.


Granola with fruits and yogurt is great for breakfast and also make a great snack by themselves. I used to adore purchased granola all the time, but they cannot be compared to the homemade ones! In addition, we always know exactly what they contain, without unnecessary sweeteners and other additives. :)

Musliji so za zajtrk super z jogurtm in sadjem, za malico pa jih lahko grickamo kar same. Ko sem muslije še kupovala, so mi bili sicer zelo všeč, vendar  se glede okusa niti slučajno ne morajo kosati z doma narejenimi! Poleg tega pa res vemo kaj vsebujejo, brez nepotrebnih sladil in drugih dodatkov. :)