Essence and Catrice have yet again released several lovely limited editions and I had the opportunity to test out a few of their products. First of all, how cute is the idea of candy-flavoured and candy-scented makeup products? The I Want Candy collection is already in drugstores offering a wide range of makeup items with Chupa Chups scent. Although it’s been ages since I had my last lollipop, this scent takes me right back to my childhood!

The first item I received is a scented lipgloss palette, a set of four lightly coloured and very tasty-smelling lip glosses. The first on the top left has a very glossy finish and is great as a lip stick topper, whereas the other three are a bit more shimmery and opaque. My favorite one is the pink one at the bottom right, it has a gorgeous tiny golden sheen to it, so lovely! The next product from the same line are scented blush shimmer pearls. Another lovely combination of pink and peachy shades that will give you a summery flush of color on your cheeks. They are quite pigmented so I always dab my brush onto my hand before applying it to my face. Oh, and have I mentioned both products smell like a real lollipop?! :)

The last two products are by Catrice. The Cool and Matt lipstick is from the Travelight story collection and the name says it all! This gorgeous red lipstick in shade C01 Refreshed Red will leave your lips so fresh and minty, I was so surprised after trying it for the first time. I mean, you cannot go wrong with this item: the shade will give you an elegant kick, the matt formula is surprisingly great and will last for hours, and above all, you will feel refreshed all the time. Last but not least, I I also got the Nail Paint To GO nail polish pen, this is literally a felt-tip pen and instead of a permanent marker there is a nail polish! I have it in a classic bright red shade C06 Tomato Red Rush. Well, this was a real challenge for me: I managed to paint my left hand decently, but had a bunch of problems with applying it on my right hand! I’m right-handed and I found this much more difficult than with a regular brush. However, the whole experience was so much fun, but I will apply a base coat beforehand because it can be quite runny on dry nails.

So, are you a fan of new approaches in beauty like me or do you prefer to stick with regular, well-tested techniques? :)

Essence & Catrice spring releases


catrice-provocatriceimg_0821img_0826img_0831img_0837Essence and Catrice released two of their new limited editions in Slovenia this week! I couldn’t be more excited as there are plenty of trendy and summery products to choose from at their drugstore stands.

Catrice is offering us two of their new gorgeous lines. You can take a peek at a rather elegant Provocatrice section where you will find a number of exciting makeup products. Options are endless, everyone can find something to their taste: subtle Eye Palette eye shadows, a transparent Scented Powder (which I have to get my hands on!), wonderful Gradiation Blushes, Volume Lash Dust to treat your lashes with some volume, Nail Lacquers, and two Cushion Powder Lips. I got the opportunity to try out the Cushion Powder Lips lipstick in shade Raspberry Belle, a gorgeous pink powder lipstick that creates a silky matt finish. I don’t love it just because it is so radiant and looks amazing, but also because I love its cushion formula (the lipstick is actually inside the lid!)!

Catrice also released a separate nail polish line, ICONails Gel Lacquer. There are so many shades to choose from, but I had to choose the most classic and elegant red there is, It’s All About That Red. I think it goes well with any type of clothes and always looks amazing.

On the other hand, Essence brought us a completely summery collection Next Stop: SUMMER that will instantly make you feel summer is already here! Airbrush bronz & glow face and body spray, sun protect lip conditioner, colour changing lipsticks and sun glow top coat are just the products I would love to try out – I have to visit Müller very soon! There are also a dry & wet eyeshadow & eyeliner palette, matte blotting paper and some other cute items that are worth checking out.

Big thanks to Dominur for these two products and a gorgeous Essence Notebook! Essence is celebrating its 15th anniversary already, I cannot believe it as it feels like it was just yesterday that I bought my first Essence product. Keep up the good work! #15pinkyears

Glitter In The Air and Victorian Poetry

In November, essence and Catrice are releasing several of their limited editions which I’m pretty excited about. My problem with new releases is the same every single time. I realise they are in drugstores days after the best products are already sold out! Not this time, because I got the opportunity to try out four products from collections Glitter in the air and Victorian Poetry.


The main shades in the Essence Glitter in the air llimited edition are rose, green and plum with a metallic and glittery touch. This makes them perfect for all kinds of events we will be attending in December.

There are so many products to choose from! You can create an entire New Year’s Eve look with gorgeous metallic eye shadows, two diamond-shaped lip sticks as well as a blush and shimmer drops to round up your festive look. Essence did not forget about your nails, there are a grey and a rose as well as two glittery shades available in their nail polish limited edition. One product I would be eager to try out is the ultra strong nail polish remover, glittery manicure will surely be much easier to remove when time comes considering how difficult it is to take it off!


On the other hand, the make up items in the Catrice Victorian Poetry limited edition are pretty extravagant and subtle. Colors vary from apricot, nude and grey to berry and the eye palette is much more captivating as it offers all of them! You can top your perfect eye look with a gorgeous grey matt powder liner AristoMATTic. If you’re a highlighting fan as myself, you should try out the highlighting pebbles Queen Victoria Is AmusedFor a pop of color you can apply an always-trendy deep red lipstick, such as Berry British.

What about the products I’ve tried so far?

As I already mentioned, I got the opportunity to try out two products from the Glitter in the air collection by essence. The first item is the strobing blush and highlighter powder When in doubt, add glitter. This gorgeous lilac blush, or a blush topper even, will give you a soft flush of color and you don’t even have to add any highlighter to it, isn’t this great! I also received the eyebrow pomade pen in shade make your brow wow. I think this is such a versatile shade, it fits my brows very well. The thing is, you don’t have to be that precise with the pen as you can easily brush through and set everything in place.

The first item from the Catrice Victorian Poetry limited edition are the highlighting pebbles Queen Victoria is amused. They consist of rose and creamy pebbles which form a pretty rose glowI also received a lip stick in shade Berry British which I adore! At first, it seemed to be a usual burgundy red, but then I realised it has a lot of brown undertones. It looks amazing and perfect for this time of year. However, it does look uneven after an hour or two, so I have to monitor the situation all the time – but I’m willing to do that for gorgeous lips!

All in all, both Glitter in the air as well as Victorian Poetry offer a wide range of products. I’m pretty sure everyone can find a few items to suit their needs and these four products will nicely fit into my current make up routine. Personally, I would love to give the grey matt powder liner a go and I’ll purchase it if I manage to find one at the drugstore. What about you, which products do would you like to try out?

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