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The Body Shop is here!

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As a huge The Body Shop lover, I was utterly excited when I found out that the shop is coming to Slovenia. The website is actually already running, you can take a look here! Their team attended the beauty conference and it was so amazing to talk with everybody and discuss their grand opening. However, they are still looking for a place for the main shop and I really hope they will find something good in the center of Ljubljana – this means I would be able to take a look at all the new editions as soon as they come out! :)

At the conference, all the bloggers received a beautiful black tote bag with golden details. I really love their body butters and already used up several different scents – I am actually going through the last bits of their coconut body butter these days! They released several winter scents and we actually got small body butter editions from the winter collection. I received Frosted Plum, a gorgeous pastel violet body butter that literally smells like plum and delicate flowers. It is very thick, but sinks into the skin very nicely, leaving a pleasant gentle scent. The second product is the Matte Lip Liquid and this one is in a neutral, nude shade Vienna Tulip 033. The finish is velvety rather than completely matte, but it does dry over the hours. I am interested to hear how all the other shades turn out from the other girls. Last but not least, there were several samples of their other products and I already used most of them up! The Drops of Youth sleeping mask is absolutely amazing, especially because you leave it on your skin overnight to do its job. This one is definitely on my wish list!

The Body Shop Haul No. 1

I couldn’t be more glad with the fact that I visited Belgium during sales! I wasn’t so much into clothes as I already bought some new pieces before I left. On the other hand, I went completely crazy as far as body care is concerned! The Body Shop had incredible discounts and since I wanted to buy a few things either way, why not buy so much more if I have the opportunity to do that?! Ha ha, first world problems, I know. I decided to divide this haul into two parts and this time I will show you the body care-related products. Oh and let me just mention that I got all of these products 50 %-off!

I am also among those girls who love The Body Shop Body Butters. I chose the Papaya (200 ml) and the Moringa (300 ml) ones this time. The Papaya Body Butter is very hydrating for dry skin as it contains cold-pressed papaya seed oil and has a very sweet fruity scent. The Moringa Body Butter with moringa seed oil is dedicated to normal/dry skin. Moringa is actually a tree, if I’m not mistaken, and the scent is ah-mazing, I fell in love with its floral and mildly sweet notes immediately.

If we stay in the body-care-items zone, I also got the Satsuma Beautifying Oil. I would never guess what satsuma is, it’s actually a clementine! Now I know why I loved the scent straight away, it is a very interesting choice for a body oil, but it is still fresh enough to work great. This is actually a dry oil for body, face and hair, so I’m eager to try it out on my hair soon. I’ll keep you posted on that!

Then I got the soap-free Papaya Shower Gel, because I love shower gels and why not, it has a nice scent, less sweet than the Papaya Body Butter. I also fell in love with the Moringa  Shower Gel, but they only had a 750 ml version and I have a weight limit for my way back, I’ll have to get it the next time!

I also purchased the Wild Rose Hand Cream with SPF 15 for all skin types. Because of its light texture, the cream quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves a nice rose scent. The only thing that bothers me is its metal packaging, I hate that creams just burst out from the tube when you take them out of a bag, but it will be better after I use it up a bit.

If anyone is obsessed with The Body Shop as I am, put your hands in the air, please! ;)

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