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HAPPY 2018!

2. 1. 2018

Happy new year, everybody! I hope you had an amazing time on Sunday, me and Alen celebrated the end of 2017 in the same way as last year: by the pool sipping cocktails! A lot has happened in 2017, I started working as a freelance translator and had experienced some of the most stressful periods of my life. I also almost finished my master’s thesis so I’m just a month or two from finally finishing my studies. I also had the best summer with Alen and I really hope we’ll be able to spend a few weeks on the seaside again in the future. However, my resolution for the following year is to work less or more efficiently, find more time to relax and be more sporty throughout the week. All of this brings me to my blog and you, my lovely readers! I would like to thank you so so much for all your support on my blog and on my Instagram account. I’m thankful for every single like and you are the reason why I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my work. Let 2018 be the best year yet! 

Hugs, Vesna ♥