Summer Kiko Milano haul

3. 10. 2016

And here comes the last beauty-related post from my summer in Belgium! I planned doing this post in July shortly after purchasing all of these products and taking the pictures, but then I got another three or four more nail polishes. I therefore postponed writing about them until now and luckily, I can give you a more in-depth review of all of them, especially because I haven’t tried any of the Kiko Milano products before that.

The best find were probably these Smart lip pencils, I went for three shades: a gorgeous mauve shade 711, a slightly pink/red shade 709 and a hot orange shade 705. They are quite creamy so I usually use them by themselves, the pigmentation is insane! Sometimes I add a lipstick in a similar shade on top to make it a bit more glossy, but otherwise I love them and they stay put for hours.

IMG_7439Kiko Volumeyes +Ultratech
I also decided to give their two mascaras a go. I chose the Volumeyes + Active Mascara and the Ultratech Mascara. The first one should give a lot of volume, whereas the second should define your lashes and make them longer as well as increase their volume. Two coats are applied on the picture (unfortunately, the focus was not cooperating at the time!) and I couldn’t be more disappointed by both of them. They are extremely clumpy and the applicators just don’t work in the way I want them to. I’m even more disappointed because I paid almost 10 € for the Volumeyes+ mascara and really expected much more.

A product that completely blew my mind is the Liquid Intense blue eyeliner. It is really easy to apply and to my surprise, it doesn’t smudge!! I can create a nice flick and not have to worry about having a ton of the product on the upper part of my eyelid in the afternoon. I also wear it on the picture above!

Of course I couldn’t pass the nail polish section which is ah-mazing, may I add. I went for five shades of Nail Lacquer, a wine shade 243, bright red 239, lavender 332, pinkish red 361 and mint green 389. I love all of them, but their longevity isn’t all that great. Their formula could be compared to Catrice, it chips off a day after applying it so I’m not that amused.

Last but not least, I have to show you my favorite highligher at the moment! It’s the 3D Light & Glow creamy highlighter. It was a bit pricey, around 8 €, but it does a great job. I think it was part of their The Beauty Games collection and there were two shades available, this one is the first and the lightest shade. It comes with a sponge applicator on the bottom, but I rather use my fingers to apply it. It consists of three different earth-toned shades which give a lovely golden sheen once mixed together. It looks gorgeous on the skin and the intensity is easily built. I love it!

To conclude, my investigation into Kiko Milano cometics is now complete and I can honestly say I love their lip liners, eyeliner and highlighter which have an amazing wear time and proved to be amazing products, especially considering their price. However, although they have an amazing selection of nail polish shades, I’m not that impressed by their quality. I also don’t like their mascaras and probably won’t try them again in a long time.

Nevertheless, I would love to see what you think about these products, especially if you really like some that I don’t!

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