31. 5. 2018


KIK has been my favorite home decor store for years. Their bowls and small decoration are the cutest ever, and they’re very affordable as well! They change their offer every single season and to be completely honest, I haven’t shopped through the clothing section up until now. They opened a renovated store in Ljubljana last week and you can imagine how exciting it was to browse through the clothes and try them on in a practically empty store! I was really impressed by their quality and went for two summer shirts, a beach dress and some accessories (some pics will follow soon!). After that I obviously ran over to the decoration department, I would buy every single item in a heart beat! It was so nice to chat with the other girls and see what we’ll be able to wear in the following months! Big thanks to the KIK team for inviting me over and Anita, my favorite person in the world, for helping me take some pictures :)

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