Spaghetti, Caramelized Onions & Olive Oil

15. 1. 2015


This recipe is for all onion lovers out there. I love pasta in every shape and form and it’s not surprising that I crave it every time I’m extremely hungry. I know there are so many healthier options, but you can’t resist every single time! And I didn’t even plan doing this post at first. But this dish is insanely simple, the only boring part is for the onions to caramelize – but it’s so rewarding at the end! For 2 people you’ll need:

corn/rice/regular spaghetti    2–3 large onions    4 tbsp olive oil    salt

Parmesan cheese  ♥  parsley

The first thing to do is to peel the onions, cut them in halves and slice them up. Then heat olive oil in a pan and add the onions. The most important part is to give them time, around 20 minutes or even more. In addition, you have to caramelize on low heat or they will get burned (and we don’t want that!). Don’t forget to stir occasionally and add some salt in the end.

When the onions start to get golden brown, bring water to boil, add some salt and your preferable type of pasta, it doesn’t have to be spaghetti. Cook it according to the directions on the package. When it’s done, drain the pasta and transfer it to the pan with onions. Mix it thoroughly and they’re ready to serve! Please, don’t forget to sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese as I did, it gives an extra something to the dish! And a parsley leaf on the top is, of course, obligatory. Bon appétit! :)




Take care ♥


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  • Reply Anita 16. 1. 2015 at 9:44

    Oh goodness, this looks amazing! :3

    • Reply Vesna 16. 1. 2015 at 11:04

      It is amazing! You have to try it :)

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