26. 4. 2018

This easy summer drink is something every fruit lover should try out. I’ve been drinking this raspberry & lemon mint infused water for the entire week, it’s that good! And as I already said in my Instagram post, it’s so easy that I don’t even call this a recipe. Just put frozen or fresh raspberries and lemon mint in a glass jar and pour over some sparkling water. After five or ten minutes, you can enjoy in the most refreshing drink you can make at home!

And I finally have the opportunity to start using my new glass straws that I ordered on ebay a few months ago (the link is here if you are thinking of getting them yourself). Plastic straws are really bad for the environment and we all throw away way too much plastic every single day. For this reason, I simply decided to buy reusable glass straws – and they look so much cooler as well! I ordered three packs of four straws as I really didn’t believe all of them would make their way to my kitchen, but not a single one of them broke during shipping. I look forward to organizing a spring/summer cocktail party, these straws are surely gonna be a huge hit!

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