New in June #8

18. 7. 2016

Although I’ve been in Belgium for a week now and already purchased quite a few interesting beauty-related goodies, I wanted to show you what I got in June first. Some of you may know that I celebrated my 25th birthday last month and on that occasion, I also got some beauty products from my family and friends. Let me just say that opening birthday presents is much more fun when your loved ones know what you like, ha! As I have tried out quite many of them already, I’ll give you quick first impressions as well.

Let’s go to body care products first. I finally got the Afrodita Cosmetics Body Scrub I wanted to try out so badly! I usually do my own sugar scrubs, but it was so nice to receive this luxurious scrub with a wonderful vanilla scent. I also finally saw what a real sugar scrub looks like, it is much more liquidy than the ones I’ve been making by myself, which also makes it easier to apply. In addition to that, it leaves such a nice feeling on the skin and a lovely vanilla scent as well.

The other body-related product I got is the Alverde Dusch-Peeling. This is actually a very nice shower gel with really gentle scrub particles, which is not too much even if I use the Afrodita body scrub before. It has a light magnolia scent and a creamy texture. I love it!

As for facial care, I got two pretty nice products. The first is the Alverde Cleansing Face Foam Beauty&Fruity with lime and apple suitable for normal and combination skin type. It gently cleanses my face and I’ve been using it both in the morning and before bed. I also got the Corine de Farme Refreshing Orange Blossom Mist. Let me just say this is one of the most addictive scents I’ve tried lately. There is not just orange blossom in there, it feels like they managed to capture both spring and summer in one bottle, it’s divine! I had it on my desk all the time, just to take a sniff or two every time I saw it. You just spray your face it a few times and it already feels much more fresh. However, I haven’t tried it as a makeup fixator yet, I’ll do that in August when I come back.

I also got myself two sunscreens from the Müller brand Lavozon, skin protection is important even if you’re visiting northern parts of Europe! The one in the back is the mattifying face serum with SPF 30 and the other one is a normal body sunscreen with SPF 20. They both have a nice scent and the serum is also light enough to be used under makeup. Also, they’re so tiny, you can easily store them in your bag.

I am a huge lover of dry shampoos and also a Batiste supporter up until recently. Up until recently, I said, with a reason! My sister introduced me to the Balea Dry Shampoo for dark hair and I can honestly say it does practically the same job as the one from Batiste. I’m saying that because I’ve tried a few white Balea dry shampoos and they always disappointed me with inefficient textures and white residue on my hair. This did not happen with this one, so I’ll probably be using it all the time from now on. Plus, it only costs half the price of Batiste shampoos!

Next I got a beautiful Catrice Softly Touch Shadow in a beautiful shade called Melt Down Brown. Unfortunately, it’s from the Limited Edition Net Works, so I don’t know if it’s still available in drugstores. Nevertheless, its champagne touch and tiny silver glitter don’t make it perfect just for the eyes, but also for your cheeks! It works great as a highlighter, especially because of its creamy texture. Love love!

Because of travelling, I decided to take face wipes with me as well. I went for the Balea micellar face wipes. They actually remove makeup efficiently without any residue on the skin. I’m impressed!

Last but not least, I got three new nail polishes in June. The first one is the Models Own nail polish in shade Coral Reef. I already have the base- and top-coats from the same brand, and since a lot of Slovene bloggers love them, I expected a lot. Well, I haven’t been more disappointed about a nail polish in ages, to be honest. It not only chipped off in a matter of hours, it literally peeled off my nails without a good reason. I can easily say I won’t try any of their products, it will save me a lot of time and money, too.

On the contrary, the other two polishes are amazing! The first one from Rimmel London is a gorgeous shade Neon Fest from the Rita Ora collection. I love all polishes from Rimmel London and I love pink nails. A combination that cannot go wrong! The second one is also in a pink shade, as I said, you cannot go wrong with pink polish for me! It is the Depend GelLack in a pastel pink shade Cookie Dough, isn’t it adorable? I already dedicated a whole post to this little cutie, you can read it here.

I already got myself quite a few new makeup and skincare products in the last week, let me just give you a hint: I felt very generous in The Body Shop and Kiko Milano stores! I’ll let you know more about my recent purchases soon!

Take care,

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