New in: Hair Edition

24. 12. 2014


Here comes the second part of the New in section! Before I start, I just want to share some information about my hair type. I’d say I have medium brown color with slightly copper undertones. My hair is really healthy and although I dyed them a lot in high school when I had the shortest hair possible, I now love my hair color and wouldn’t change it at all (and would never cut it that short again!) . However, I do use a hair dryer every time I wash my hair because they are very thick, I cannot air dry them even in the summer.


Let’s start with the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Reconstructor conditioning treatment with Australian balm mint. This thing is amazing, I didn’t expect it to be as effective as it actually is. It leaves hair very soft and easy to brush through, plus it smells amazing! This package costs around € 1,5 and provides at least two uses, especially if you have shorter hair. Love!  ♦  The second product is the Alverde Hair Repair Fluid with avocado oil and shea butter. I was choosing between this one and the Alverde oil for hair with almond and argan oil I used up a year ago, but I wasn’t particularly fond of it. It was really greasy and thus difficult to use after washing my hair, so I decided to get the fluid this time. Again, I’m pretty impressed by how effective it is, it nourishes the hair with oils and makes them very soft, but it’s not greasy at all. It costs around € 3, a real bargain!  ♦  Next is the Remington Curl Create Wand (CI52W0). This wand really changed my hair styling routine. My hair is fairly straight and I like that very much, but if I want something extra once in a while, I use this curling wand and it does the job really well. I don’t curl all the hair very often, but I rather take every other section of hair to make them more messy. Then I just spray it with a hair spray and it’s done, simple as that! And what’s best, the wand comes with a heat resistant glove and believe me, it saved my hands from burning quite a few times! It costs € 34,99 in DM.


The last two products are the Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair shampoo and conditioner for overstressed and strawy hair. As I’ve already mentioned before, my hair is really healthy and it’s not surprising that these two products aren’t exactly perfect for me. They make my hair shiny, but also greasy at the end of the first day which is obviously not something I’m looking for. I guess it should be used for damaged hair only. I’m defenitely not throwing it away, but I won’t use it very often from now on for sure. Each costs € 2,99 in DM.

I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family and loved ones this Christmas! Take care ♥



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