Mini Sephora haul

6. 3. 2015


Me, my sister and my mom spontaneously decided to go shopping in Gorizia recently. Besides strolling around and going for a coffee, we were also – shopping! :) I got a bunch of things from Ikea (I’m in love with their mugs and bowls and candles and stationery … basically everything!!) and a few clothing items, but I have to mention I went to Sephora for the first time in my life, yayyy   You can imagine my joy when I noticed the Sephora sign a few stores ahead, my heart started racing like mad, haha! As I didn’t expect to come across Sephora that day, I didn’t have the chance to properly think about what to get. This is why I randomly decided to get a nail polish and a blush from the Sephora brand which I heard is quite awesome.



Their nail polish selection is just crazy, they have so many colors! Because I cannot help my obsession with red nails, I went for another red nail polish in shade red excess. It’s a gorgeous deep wine/red color (that, again, looks much lighter in the pictures), maybe a bit too on the autumn-y side, but still very wearable. The opacity is great, but I nevertheless apply two coats because it’s a bit runny and very thin layers of nail polish chip off immediately on my nails. I’ll post swatches some other time, preferably with another camera…


The second product is a beautiful peachy hydrating blush in shade coral flush. I’ve been looking for such a color for so long and now that I have it, I literally use it all the time. This is a soft peachy blush with delicate gold shimmer that aren’t visible at all once it’s applied on the cheeks. As the name already indicates, you can create a lovely flush that somehow blends with the skin and seems completely natural.

The store had lots of amazing brands including Benefit, Nars, Too Faced and a few more that I cannot remember at the moment. Pure make up heaven, but I believe it is insane to spend €30 for a product just for the sake of it. And let’s be honest, I already have enough makeup for my lifetime and the last thing I need is to pile it up while I should finish at least some of it :D

Have you already tried any products from Sephora? :)

Take care 


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  • Reply Dunja 10. 3. 2015 at 8:49

    Let’s go again! Soon! <3

    • Reply Vesna 10. 3. 2015 at 17:56

      We shall, cannot wait :)

  • Reply Linda 24. 3. 2015 at 18:45

    Same lepe stvari! Pa zelo lepe slike delaš. :)

    • Reply Vesna 24. 3. 2015 at 18:52

      Ja, sem res navdušena. Niti ne tako nad lakom kot nad blushem, res se izjemno obnese! Joj, hvala lepa :)

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