Lavender scrub for silky soft skin ♥ (and has an amazing scent too!)

12. 8. 2015


To me, DIY body care has always been something incredibly difficult to do. I always thought that you need a ton of ingredients, nearly as much as on the packaging of drugstore products, but the truth is far from that. All you need are some cold-pressed and essential oils and that’s it! Although I like shower gels with scrub, I decided to make myself a creamy body scrub out of sugar, salt, coconut oil and lavender. And we all know how beneficial natural scrubs are for the skin.

Since there is lots of lavender around the house, I dried a few teaspoons of lavender flowers beforehand. The scrub is very calming and you only need a few ingredients. Before we start, let me just point out that try not to overuse lavender or any other essential oil as they can cause rashes or even some severe conditions if used in larger quantities. But worry not, a few drops won’t do any harm. Here is what I used:

1/2 cup sugar    2 tsp salt  ♥  2 tsp dried lavender flowers  ♥ 3 tbsp coconut oil  ♥  5 drops lavender essential oil

  1 glass jar

First mix all the dry ingredients. Then add the coconut oil and lavender essential oil – you can add more than 5 drops, but try not to exaggerate. Mix thoroughly and add some more sugar/salt/coconut oil if necessary. When the mixture is even, transfer it into the jar and sprinkle with some more lavender leaves. Easy peasy, right? ;)




I use it on my arms and legs up to twice a week as I feel my skin tends to be very dry on those parts. The coconut oil will moisturize your skin and keep it soft, but you can nevertheless use some shower gel afterwards (or mix some scrub with the gel and use it in this way!). This is actually not my first lavender scrub, I made a lovely lavender lip scrub last year – you can take a look here!

Take care ♥

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