iLove Parfums by Herbio

30. 10. 2017

img_6858As I am a huge supporter of Slovenian companies, I was really glad that Herbio released a new fragrance line recently. The company is mainly focusing on their own herbal skincare, but now they also offer six fragrances for women and four for men. I was kindly invited to their event where I received a fragrance No. H7005 in such a beautiful and elegant bottle! It features fruity notes of pear and black currant, flowery notes of iris, jasmine and orange blossom along with patchouli, tonka bean, praline and vanilla. All in all, a gorgeous combination of fruits and flowers with a hint of oriental sweetness. The reason I adore this fragrance so much is probably because it is very similar to one of my favorite eaux de parfum, La vie est belle. It develops nicely on my skin with iris and praline coming to the fore – a winning combination in my opinion, but you can find your own favorite here! Anyway, it has a decent wear time, I can notice it throughout the day without being too overpowering and it fades by the end of the day. Herbio, thank you once again for sharing a bit of you new line with me and I cannot wait to try more of your products!

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  • Reply Ana 2. 11. 2017 at 18:35

    Tudi jaz rada podpiram naše proizvajalce in komaj čakam, da preizkusim vonj, ki sem ga dobila. Trenutno sem še malo občutljiva na močne vonje ;)

    • Reply Vesna 2. 11. 2017 at 19:01

      Joj, verjamem! :) Jaz sem tudi na začetku postopoma začela uporabljat, ker če se preveč nadišaviš in ti dejansko ni všeč, trpiš do konca dneva ali pa ti še slabo postane!! :/

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