I cannot imagine summer without …

4. 8. 2015



… a good old bronzer. My favorite lately has been the L’Oréal La Terra Glam Bronze. which is basically a face and body sun powder with an incredible opacity. This one is in shade Portofino-Leggero 01 and although this is the lightest shade, just one swipe is needed to create a gorgeous sun-kissed effect on the skin. I also use it for contouring as it contains a tiny bit of small shimmer. I have the darkest shade as well, Taormina-Intenso 04, which is much more intense – I’ll probably use that one during my vacation at the end of August, yay!

For me, fruity and fresh scents are obligatory in summer, whether they come in a body spray or light perfume. This is why I’ve been obsessed with Zara’s eau de toilette 590, Collins Avenue. Fragrance notes of this lovely feminine perfume are raspberry, pineapple, mango and praline; nevertheless, it is a bit more fresh than sweet. Zara’s fragrances are a must in my routine throughout the whole year, as they are very affordable and some scents are beyond amazing – this is why I spray myself all the time without any regret!



This Dior lipstick in shade 565 and Essie nail polish in shade Big Spender complement each other so well! I don’t know what’s with my pink obsession lately, but I just love using intense pinky, fuchsia shades all the time. And my skin wouldn’t be so fresh and moisturized without the L’Occitane’s Angelica Instant Hydration Mask with organic angelica water and essential oil. This is a crucial part of my face routine once a week!

Last but not least, I cannot finish my summer favorites without mentioning lavender, my synonym for summer. This is my favorite natural scent and I’ve used up so many bottles of lavender essential oil over the years that I should start doing my own (and I may try it out soon!). This lovely bouquet is my mother’s work of art, she is so crafty when it comes to flowers! I feel blessed that we can grow lots of lavender bushes around the house, every time I go by I get completely calm. And throughout the year, I drop a few drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow the night before exams or just when I feel tense. It sure helps, you should try it too!

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  • Reply Emma 4. 8. 2015 at 21:44

    Been needing a new bronzer and this L’Oreal one is high on my list! Emma xox

    • Reply Vesna 4. 8. 2015 at 21:58

      I really recommend this one, it is gorgeous! But be careful in choosing the shade, even the lightest one is quite intense :)

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