28. 10. 2015


Truth to be told, I am one of those people who just feel a bit too old to be celebrating Halloween (I love to spend my evenings in the most cozy way possible, i.e. inside, a true old lady!). If you’re one of us and still like Halloween décor and autumn-inspired ornaments, worry not – there is still enough time to decorate your apartment with Halloween decorations! I dedicated one corner of my boyfriend’s living room for this year’s Halloween purposes; he wasn’t too intrigued about the idea, but unfortunately didn’t have much say in it, ha-ha!

I went for paper bats, a few pumpkins and a red candle from DM, nothing spectacular, but just enough to create a bit of a Halloween atmosphere. There is a ton of bat templates on the internet and you can include other shapes as well, such as pumpkins or ghosts! You only need a pencil, a template, some black or glittery paper, scissors and adhesive tape, that’s it! I even wanted to add a gross Halloween cocktail out of beetroot juice, but ended just with the juice. The one I got from Alnatura is perfect for such an occasion – thick and blood-like, but also healthy! Again, there is a bunch of Halloween-appropriate cocktails on the internet.




And you, have you already decorated your apartment? Even if you have just some ideas, please share them with us! :)

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  • Reply Dunja 28. 10. 2015 at 9:23

    Your Halloween corner looks pretty – and thanks to you, tiny bats are flying around my living room as well! ;)

    • Reply Vesna 28. 10. 2015 at 17:09

      Thank you and your welcome! :)

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