Get creative – DIY makeup holder

15. 9. 2015

Candles are usually thoughtfully designed and sometimes I buy them just because the jar is so darn cute. However, when the candle burns out I find it difficult to part from them as the jar was the main reason for the purchase! This is why I decided to be a bit more creative and make my own makeup holders, let it be for mascaras, brushes or just random bits and pieces that are lying around.

You only need a burned candle and a knife, it is that easy! The candle wax may be difficult to get out, so there are two possibilities to remove it – you can either put the jar in the freezer for a few hours (and the wax is supposed to fall out immediately) or just carve the wax out chunk by chunk like I did. Because there is always a bit of wax residue on the glass, just fill the jar with hot water and some soap and try to scrub all the residue. Then just dry it with a paper towel and that’s it!

I have high hopes for my current candle from Ikea – besides smelling like freshly baked cookies, the jar is insanely cute and will probably serve as a bobby pin container in a few weeks. :)


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  • Reply Ana 24. 9. 2015 at 13:37

    Jaz tudi porabim vse lončke od sveč :) sploh če so kakšni lepi ;)
    Mi je pa zelo všeč tvoj blog, stil in tvoja fotografija :)

    • Reply Vesna 24. 9. 2015 at 17:43

      Oh, najlepša hvala, enako tudi tebi <3 Ja, včasih mi jih je res škoda vrečt stran :)

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