Empties #4

16. 8. 2015




This is only my fourth empties post, but worry not – I’ve used much more over the months, haha! I actually completely forgot about saving the products, I probably finished six shampoos and conditioners since then, I go through them like candy. In general, hair products are on my everyday to-do list, just like foundations and other absolutely necessary products I slather on my face. As I have mentioned countless times before, Batiste dry shampoos are constantly saving my life. Their formula is the best I’ve tried so far and there is no visible stain after the use. Plus, they started selling it at Müller (at least in Ljubljana), if I’m not mistaken, and have three formulas, one for blondes and two for brunettes – it is not much, but it is definitely better than nothing!  I’ve already repurchased it ♥

I got the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation in shade Sand 30 for Christmas and it was way too dark for me at the time. However, I tried it again in spring and it surprisingly matched my skin tone! This is a great foundation for its price, it is very buildable and has a high coverage. The only negative side is the fact that a lot of product is left in the bottle and I cannot get it out! A screwdriver my help with that, haha! I already ordered another bottle from Asos (and it was on sale, what a day!).

As for mascaras, I’m very picky and I rarely find a mascara that really amazes me. However, this Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ Express mascara is amazing, it lengthens my lashes like no other mascara and makes them very intense. Plus, I always recommend this one when friends ask me which one to get! I will not repurchase it right away because I have literally a ton of other mascaras I have to use up, but I will in the future!

Although I perceive Yves Rocher as a genius shower gel retailer, they obviously make wonderful fragrances as well. I’ve always had good experiences with their eaux de parfum and Tendre Jasmin is no exception. I dedicated a whole post to it last year, you can take a look here. This fragrance brings back so many memories and I’m really annoyed that there is only a spritz or two left in the bottle. Plus, this size (15 ml) is just perfect for throwing it in a bag if you’re in a hurry. I will have to buy another one soon!

I’m a huge hand cream user and I use up at least five different hand creams per year and although I generally like Mixa products, I’m not sure about this Intense Nourishment hand cream. The scent is very light and nice, but a thin film stays on the skin after the use. It is not oily, but the feeling is very peculiar. Now that I’m thinking about it, I had the same experience with one of the Neutrogena’s hand creams for very dry skin a few years ago. I don’t know, the formula for intense care may have to do something with it. Nevertheless, it is a nice product and I may buy another formula in the future.

And now we have two hair treatments that I’m not that particularly fond of. First is the L’Oréal Elseve strengthening spray which should provide easy combing, fortify the whole length of hair and shouldn’t weight hair down. Well, if I’m completely honest, this product is completely useless for my hair. I didn’t have the slightest feeling that combing was easier even if I sprayed it like mad, and the hair wasn’t any less prone to splitting after use. I don’t know, this may help those with brittle hair, but mine is very healthy and this product didn’t make any difference. I won’t repurchase it.

And the second hair product is the Alverde repair fluid, which is just fine. I usually applied it on wet hair before blow-drying it, but I cannot say it made my hair any healthier. The only plus side is that this is a bit more natural product. I still swear that plain, cold pressed argan oil is best for providing moisture and keeping hair healthy. I won’t repurchase this one either.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the best face scrub ever, the Balea peeling cream with aloe vera. This is probably my third tube, I love it! These exfoliating particles are so effective, they remove all the dry patches and make the skin really soft. I use it once or twice a week in the evening so the skin can regenerate during my sleep. I really recommend it and it is already on my buy-immediately-or-else list!

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