Depend GelLack Cookie Dough

5. 7. 2016

Just when I thought there is no more perfect nail polish than Essie’s Fiji, my friends proved me wrong! This pastel little gem by Depend was part of their birthday gift and they couldn’t choose a more perfect shade – it’s called Cookie Doughhow adorable is that!

I applied it the same way as usual, one coat of the eBrand base coat on top of non-acid primer, then two coats of the Cookie Dough nail polish and one coat of top coat at the end. The nail polish is completely opaque, but I still apply it twice just to make it more long-lasting. Of course I will use Fiji again, but right now I’m perfectly happy with wearing pastel pink nails without the need to apply them twice a week!

IMG_4772 IMG_4777 IMG_4782 IMG_4787

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