Coconut milk & the best coconut chai latte ♥

3. 11. 2014


I’ve been raving about chai lattes over the past two months and it seems only fair to finally share the recipe with you. The main ingredient is coconut milk, and since I prefer a bit more natural coconut milk over canned, I’ve been making it out of the Alnatura (DM) coconut flour. As you will see, the recipe is insanely easy and can be prepared in about 10 minutes (with a bit of a mess, whoops!). Let’s go to the recipe:

50−100 g coconut flour    2 dl water

Cover the coconut flour with water and let it steep for about2 hours or overnight. Then add a bit more water, depending on how thick you want your milk to be. Then take a blender and blend it well! A few minutes will be enough. Cover a jar with a cloth and secure it with a rubber band. Pour in the mixture, when the cloth fills up, just remove the coconut residue. However, don’t throw it away, because it still contains a lot of milk. Repeat again, pour in the mixture and remove the residue. The most messy part comes after you’re finished: take out the cloth and try to squeeze as much milk as possible. Then remove and repeat with the residue from the first part. You can use the coconut residue in your homemade granola or mix it with coconut sugar and eat it, as I did! :)


I found out only now that you can as well use a strainer. I will definitely try it the next time, because doing it with cloth makes it much more messy. But you cannot squeeze it as much, so I believe every method has some pros and cons. The taste of this milk is great, but it’s not as thick as the canned one. If you want to use it for cooking, you may as well make a thicker version.


Coconut chai latte

There are several ways to use up this goodness… You can use it for cooking, drink it as it is or, as I prefer it, have it with a tea! You just fill a mug with how water and steep a tea of your choice for a few minutes. I currently love almost all teas from DM, especially the plain rooibos chai and chai with vanilla and orange ♥ But you can use any type of tea, if you ask me. Then add stevia (or honey, sugar…) and a bit of the coconut milk! Yumm :)




Chai lattes have completely replaced my coffee addiction, I even prefer them over coffe now! Nevertheless, I still enjoy a cup of good coffee from now and then. :) Have a wonderful week,


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