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A stroll in the city center and the Antique market in Ljubljana

26. 3. 2015


Antiques have always fascinated me. Not so much because of their utility, but because of the stories they left behind. The antique market in the centre of Ljubljana on Sundays is absolutely one of my favorites – you can get everything from antique flat irons, decadent golden mirrors, gramophone records to watches and jewelry. And the sellers are so lovely, they know almost everything about every single piece on their tables, isn’t that amazing? To my surprise, it was finally sunny and warm enough to wear a jacket! This is definitely something I’m looking forward at the moment :)









Take care 



Liebster Award

31. 1. 2015

Hi there!

This post will be slightly different, as I have been nominated by fabulous Ellie from Belle Vie Tour for Liebster award. Thank you, Ellie, this truly means a lot to me! :) This is definitely something new, I haven’t discussed the beginnings of my my blog before. I guess this is the best opportunity to let you know a bit more about my blogging starts and other small details of my life.


Well, these are the rules if you are nominated:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the questions from your nominator
  • Nominate up to 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers
  • Create 11 new questions
  • Notify your nominees through their blogs or social media etc.


Here are my answers to Ellie’s questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?

I posted my first blog post in December one year ago, on December 24,  2013 more precisely. At that time, I was unintentionally having a year off after my graduate studies in order to sit my last exam. For the first time in years, I finally had time to do and read whatever I wanted to at any time, and that brought me to reading several blogs on a daily basis. I was always impressed by beautiful pictures bloggers posted and all the lovely texts they wrote, and after a thoughtful consideration and much needed support from my sister and my best friend I finally decided to start my own blog. I remember being so nervous at the start, but it turned out to be a wonderful hobby. :)

2. If you could have any pet/animal, what would you have?

I already have a pet, a seven years old maltese named Laq and he’s the only pet friend I need! :)

3. Is there a career you secretly (or not so secretly) wish you were going into?

I’m currently on the Master’s degree in translation in English, French and Slovene language and without any doubt, this was the best decision about my future I ever made. Yes, translation or anything else connected with languages is definitely a career I wish to build after I finish my post-graduate studies.

4. What is your favourite high street store?

Zara is probably my favorite!

5. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have three things what would they be?

Uff, this is a tough one. Obviously, the first choice would be my boyfriend, let’s say this counts as the first thing :P Then I would definitely need a good lip balm, such as the Body Shop Born Lippy with pink guava, a very exotic scent for (I imagine) a deserted exotic island. And the third would have to be a good sunscreen by Alverde, one needs a good UV protection on an island!

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I never imagine how my future will look like, because I firmly believe you have to live in the present and enjoy every moment of it. The future will come by itself, probably way too soon ;)

7. Do you have a fear/phobia?

I am afraid of walking around the house in the evening or at night, I always have a feeling someone is watching me :D Scary!

8. Favourite beauty product?

I would say a foundation, this is the one product that saved my confidence in high school when I was battling with skin problems on my face. They’re almost gone, but now I see a foundation as a perfect way to even out my skin tone.

9. Who inspires you?

I don’t have a particular role model, but I’m inspired by all the people who are successful in their own fields, worked hard to get there and share their advice that have helped them come so far.

10. How do you handle a stressful day?

The university has brought me a hell lot of a stress and at times I still feel completely powerless. However, I managed to handle it by a regular yoga practice and positive way of looking at problems. Whenever I have a bad day or I’m in a stressful situation, I say to myself This too shall pass, a very wise sentence that is 100 % true. Bad things will happen in our lives one way or another, there’s no doubt about that. Nevertheless, the one thing we have to bear in mind is that good moments will come back sooner or later.

11. What is your favourite quote?

My favorite quote is Luck is an attitude. It may sound a bit strange at first sight, but if you think more about that, it’s actually quite true. I do agree that some people are just born under a lucky star, but this doesn’t mean we cannot have luck in our own lives. Our attitude towards ourselves and our lives is the determining factor, be good to yourself, believe in your potentials and everything else will follow soon.

Now it’s my turn to nominate a few bloggers! I choose Beautysaur, Verity And Cakes and Heavily Crazed.

My questions for my lovely fellow bloggers are:

1) When did you start your blog and what was the first post about?
2) Tell us 3 random facts about yourself.
3) Do you write a journal?
4) Coffee or tea?
5) Do you prefer wearing skirts or jeans?
6) What is your holy grail skin care product?
7)) What is your favorite online store?
8) Are you an early bird or a night owl?
9) What is your favorite movie/series of 2014?
10) Do you prefer winter or summer?
11) What is your favorite quote?

This post was so much fun, if anyone else wants to join, please do! And let me know so I can check out your post :)

Take care ♥

Let 2015 be the best year so far!

3. 1. 2015


Christmas and New Year’s Eve are finally over and although these holidays are very dear to me, I am really happy that the new year is finally here. I hope you spent the night with your family or friends the best way possible. If you’re wondering what the heck me and my sister are we doing in this picture, let me tell you that this is our annual New Year’s missive! This has become our tradition, we’ve been doing it for the last four years and it doesn’t look like we’re going to stop soon :) Otherwise I had a great time, I was at home with my boyfriend and my little dog! We were watching Lethal Weapon (completely off-topic! :D) and Ice Age and had lots of bubbly wine ♥ Plus, we decided to make chilli con carne, and don’t say that it doesn’t look tasty! It was amazing, much better than it looks on the picture ;) I didn’t make any other pictures except from the chilli with my tablet, I didn’t feel like jumping around with the camera all the time. 

rsz_1img_20141231_210556 3

These holidays always put me in a reflective mood and I cannot state enough how lucky I feel to have the best family, friends and boyfriend in the world. 2014 was great, full of amazing moments and memories. Let the new year be even better, take a step out of your comfort zone, you’d be surprised how much you can achieve and how many great opportunities you get this way. This is also the thing I have to remind myself throughout the whole year, not just in January ;)  



What are your New Year resolutions? :) I rarely do any because sooner or later you forget about them and the saying old habits die hard describes this problem in detail. Decide to do the changes in your life when you’re 100% sure that you’re ready for the big step :) 

See you soon! ♥



Christmas market in Ljubljana

11. 12. 2014

I don’t have to emphasize that Ljubljana is my favorite city (or rather town? ;) ) ever. This town has a great atmosphere, especially in December. The Christmas market along the river has become a must-go-to in the last couple of years. Lots of cute stands with candies, mulled wine and homemade gifts. Plus, yesterday was a perfect day for a stroll in the old city centre, the sky was without a single cloud and it was warm enough to go for a coffee outside. I just realised I was actually there three times yesterday! First, on my way to the faculty in the morning, then with my sister around noon for a coffee and then with some of my friends from the faculty in the evening for a mulled wine and it was amazing :) Can’t wait to repeat such a day soon ♥


rsz_img_4438 (1)










Have you started with Christmas baking? I know I have! :) I made gingerbread cookies during the weekend and the recipe will be online in the following days! Take care ♥



A lovely intermezzo

15. 9. 2014

Hi there! :) I am currently working on a few posts, but I just wanted to stop by for a quick moment. I finally managed to unpack and clean my room, and now I can finally devote some time to the blog! One thing I missed the most in the last two weeks was my little Maltese ♥ I missed him so much, every dog that passed by during the vacation reminded me of him and I just could not be happier to play with him and go for a walk :) 



He is so adorable, I just cannot say “no” to this cute little face :) It is time for another walk and hopefully some yoga. Let’s hope that the rest of the week will be as productive as it can be! See you soon! :)



Weekend in pictures

13. 4. 2014

Ker je vikend zame (in verjetno tudi za večino drugih) najljubši del tedna, ga začnem že kar v petek. Trenutno sem absolventka, tako da bi načeloma morala imeti čas za zabave itd., vendar me je naporen študij vedno tako utrudil, da sem vsak vikend izkoristila za prijeten počitek in delo za faks. Tudi zdaj vikende večinoma preživljam bolj mirno, izkoristim jih za sprehode in druženje. To so delčki mojega vikenda, upam, da ste ga tudi vi prijetno izkoristili! :)

Since weekend is my favorite part of the week (and I assume it is the same for the majority of people), I like to start it already on Friday. I’m currently having an additional year before my post-graduate studies and I should supposably go out a lot etc. However, my studies were quite difficult and I spent my weekends mainly resting and doing my work for the faculty. Even now I spend weekends in a more calm way with lots of walks in the nature and socialising. These are the highlights of my weekend and I hope you spent it well too! :)


Super začetek vikenda – bučka in kavica s sestro v Ljubljani.

A perfect start to the weekend – a bun and a coffee with my sister in Ljubljana.


Odlična Nescafé Grande Caffè Crema med gledanjem ene izmed trenutno najboljših serij (poleg Game of Thrones) – Grimm.

Great Nescafé Grande Caffè Crema whilst watching one of the best series at the moment (beside Game of Thrones) – Grimm.


Popoldansko razvajanje obraza ‒ piling Superdrug, maska Balea in fluid L’Occitane.

Afternoon face pampering  ‒ Supersdrug scrub, Balea mask and L’Occitane fluid.

IMG_20140413_171653Nedeljski badminton …

Sunday badminton …


… in nedeljski sprehod :)

… and Sunday walk :)



Sunny Sunday

16. 3. 2014

Živjo! Tako lep dan, kot je danes, je treba izkoristiti za prijeten sprehod po naravi. Čeprav je bil danes moj maltežanček malo trmast (vedno nekaj voha, raziskuje), je vseeno uspelo narediti nekaj lepih posnetkov :) Ugotovila sem, da je na skoraj vseh slikah, tako da bo današnja objava očitno namenjena samo njemu!

Hi there! On such a beautiful day like today, a walk in nature is obligatory. Although my maltese was a little bit stubborn (he’s always smelling something, exploring the territory), I managed to take some beautiful shots :) I just realised that he’s on almost all pictures, so today’s post is obviously dedicated just to him! 




Nova mapa2