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We wish you a very merry Christmas day!

25. 12. 2016

I hope you spent a very happy and comfortable couple of Christmas days with your loved ones this weekend! Although I worked for the most part of yesterday, I managed to have a cosy and calm Christmas eve with my boyfriend. Today, however, we had an amazing lunch with my family and then we spent a few hours at my grand parents’ house, which was also amazing. And here are a few photos of my cute Maltese dressed up as a reindeer! He wasn’t very pleased with our idea, but he managed to get through with a couple of dog treats, haha.  Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and wish you a very merry Christmas day! ♥

Upam, da ste ta vikend preživeli nekaj veselih in prijetnih božičnih dni s svojimi najdražjimi! Čeprav sem včeraj delala večino dneva, sva imela s fantom vseeno prijeten in miren večer. Danes pa smo imeli z družino super kosilo, nato pa smo nekaj ur preživeli še pri starih starših, kar je bilo tudi odlično. Tukaj je še nekaj slikic mojega maltežančka – jelenčka! Z našo idejo ni bil preveč zadovoljen, vendar je s pomočjo nekaj pasjih piškotkov preživel, haha. Želela sem samo malo pozdravit in zaželet zelo prijeten božični dan! ♥



Let’s bring winter and Christmas spirit to our homes!

14. 12. 2015



Hi, everyone! As my boyfriend does not care much about decorations and ornaments, I decided to bring a bit of Christmas spirit to his living room by myself. I just wanted something simple, but still festive, so that I really feel cosy when I’m there (and I’m sure he does too, but won’t admit it!). A few months ago, I got three jars at Mömax and since one of them was still empty, I decided to fill it up with tree baubles in 50 shades of violet & pink. A very girly step, I know, but that’s just how it is – I love violet and in my opinion it looks great! As for these gorgeous coffee cups with winter motives, they’re from Ikea and you can get them for € 2,5 apiece. This is probably the easiest way to add some Christmas and winter spirit to your home if you don’t have time or space to decorate a Christmas tree. I might add some more more ornaments the next week, but it already looks quite nice.




What is your take on Christmas decorations this year? :)



28. 10. 2015


Truth to be told, I am one of those people who just feel a bit too old to be celebrating Halloween (I love to spend my evenings in the most cozy way possible, i.e. inside, a true old lady!). If you’re one of us and still like Halloween décor and autumn-inspired ornaments, worry not – there is still enough time to decorate your apartment with Halloween decorations! I dedicated one corner of my boyfriend’s living room for this year’s Halloween purposes; he wasn’t too intrigued about the idea, but unfortunately didn’t have much say in it, ha-ha!

I went for paper bats, a few pumpkins and a red candle from DM, nothing spectacular, but just enough to create a bit of a Halloween atmosphere. There is a ton of bat templates on the internet and you can include other shapes as well, such as pumpkins or ghosts! You only need a pencil, a template, some black or glittery paper, scissors and adhesive tape, that’s it! I even wanted to add a gross Halloween cocktail out of beetroot juice, but ended just with the juice. The one I got from Alnatura is perfect for such an occasion – thick and blood-like, but also healthy! Again, there is a bunch of Halloween-appropriate cocktails on the internet.




And you, have you already decorated your apartment? Even if you have just some ideas, please share them with us! :)


Get creative – DIY makeup holder

15. 9. 2015

Candles are usually thoughtfully designed and sometimes I buy them just because the jar is so darn cute. However, when the candle burns out I find it difficult to part from them as the jar was the main reason for the purchase! This is why I decided to be a bit more creative and make my own makeup holders, let it be for mascaras, brushes or just random bits and pieces that are lying around.

You only need a burned candle and a knife, it is that easy! The candle wax may be difficult to get out, so there are two possibilities to remove it – you can either put the jar in the freezer for a few hours (and the wax is supposed to fall out immediately) or just carve the wax out chunk by chunk like I did. Because there is always a bit of wax residue on the glass, just fill the jar with hot water and some soap and try to scrub all the residue. Then just dry it with a paper towel and that’s it!

I have high hopes for my current candle from Ikea – besides smelling like freshly baked cookies, the jar is insanely cute and will probably serve as a bobby pin container in a few weeks. :)



Working hard or hardly working?

17. 4. 2015

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Focuuus, where are you on such an inglorious Friday? This post is mainly dedicated to complaining! :D I have so much work to do this weekend and writing a seminar paper in French is the last thing on my mind at the moment. Although we’re only (?!?!?) in the middle of April, I have a feeling that exams are approaching insanely fast. However, that would not be a problem if I had any time to start studying in this pile of translations and midterms!

And the weather is not helping in any way. I’ve been asking myself whether I’m working hard or hardly working every thirty minutes or so today, and I guess I’ll have to go with the second one. If you’re wondering how I manage to study or write when my concentration is close to zero,  here are a few of my suggestions:

  Listen to music that will keep you focused – this is not a useful technique only in the gym, but also behind your desk!
♦  Go out for a power walk, nothing works better than some fresh air. Otherwise just open the window and let some fresh air in your apartment.
♦  Do some basic stretching exercises. If you are sitting for longer periods of time, you will probably experience back pain sooner or later. Stand up and stretch those muscles!
♦  If nothing else helps, make yourself a cup of coffee or green tea, but not very late in the afternoon (learn from my mistakes: once I couldn’t sleep until 2 AM because I had an idea that coffee will keep me focused in the evening!).

Besides that pile of stationary, which I adore with all my heart, there is a Manhattan lipstick – for a reason! :D I only got it yesterday and, of course, I had to try it out. I must look great at the moment, I’m tired, without any makeup, but I nevertheless managed to apply that lipstick! :D

I hope this list was any use for you. If you have any other rather special techniques to keep you focused, share them with me! It happens that some days these just don’t help… so I’d love to try something else :)

Take care 



Happy Easter, everyone!

5. 4. 2015



The Easter holidays are in full swing and I’m finally spending some quality time with my sister, hereafter Dunja ♥ We made another pile of bliss balls yesterday and half of them have already disappeared, haha :D And she is not photobombing the second picture, this is a real Easter rabbit! Well, I basically used the same recipe as for the Brownie bliss balls I made last week, but added a teaspoon of coconut oil, two tablespoons of coconut sugar and two tablespoons of ground coconut. Instead of rolling them in cacao, I finely ground the coconut flour and rolled them in that instead. This batch is much softer and sweeter, but I must admit that there is something missing in the centre of the ball, like a hazelnut or an almond to make it a bit more special. It is Easter after all! ;)


Anyways, I’ve been quite productive today! I was doing HIIT training for around 20 minutes and then me and Dunja watched the first part of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay series. I’m sure all of you have already watched it, but I may be the slowest movie watcher in the universe and literally have to be bored to tears to start watching anything else than YouTube clips or series. Katniss or Jeniffer Lawrence is fabulous as always, she’s such a badass in that new outfit! And it was amazing to see Natalie Dormer (Tudors, Elementary, Game of Thrones), Cressida, in yet another role and with an American accent. However, I should not forget the boys! Although I thoroughly approve Gale’s much more visible role in this part, I was quite shocked by Peeta’s story. I won’t tell you any spoilers, but I would never expect such a twist. All in all, I like the film quite a bit, but there was definitely much more action in the first and second movies. I can’t wait to see what the second part of the Mockingjay on November 20 will bring! :)

Katniss 1

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 I hope you’re having a great time, I’ll see you next week! Take care 



Easter Pinspiration

31. 3. 2015

The Easter holidays are right around the corner and I this year I decided to make some themed decorations. Nothing special, but I just want to create a pleasant ambience and decorate the house before everything is over, which is sadly always the case. As I’m obsessed with Pinterest and always love to scroll through inspiration of other bloggers for such holidays, I made a Pinspiration of my own! I hope you like it, it definitely gives me some ideas what to do in my spare time in the following days :)

collage 2

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Take care