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March favorites ◊ 2016

7. 4. 2016

Hi there, has April been treating you well this year? We’ve had beautiful sunny days so far and trees have already started to blossom, what’s not to love about spring! Let me show you the products that kept me in a good mood throughout the past month.

I’m usually more of a bronzer gal, but this gorgeous Catrice Illuminating Blush in shade Kiss me Ken 030 caught my attention and convinced me to start using my blushes again (and buy some new ones, too!). This one was actually a freebie from the Slovene L&Z magazine, I instantly fell in love with its two pink undertones and a touch of shimmer. It works great on its own or just as a highlighter. ♦ The next product I’m really glad I managed to get is the L’Occitane rose scented Shea Butter Ultra Soft Balm. This was an exclusive product available around the International Women’s Day aiming to support women in developing countries. The scent is quite powerful, so I don’t use it on my lips very often, but it works great on my still-trying-to-get-over-winter hands. I wish similar products were available for every special occasion! ♦ As for the lips, I had to perk up my days with the most bright lipstick from my collection! There is hardly anything more pigmented and long lasting than the Mac Ruby Woo. I’ve had it for ages (and should have thrown it away already), but still amazes me every single time I put it on. And I always get tons of compliments, so I must be doing it right!

Now, I have to mention one of my favorite fragrances of all times. My boyfriend got me this Coco Mademoiselle edt by Chanel a few years back and I did like it at the time. It just seemed to me that this powerful and long-lasting woody fragrance with an insane wear time is meant for a bit older women, but I nevertheless used it a lot. These days, however, I’m obsessed with it! I don’t know what happened to my nose, but these citrus, white floral and sweet notes suddenly feel so feminine… There is very little left in the bottle, but I’ll cherish it until its last drop!  Last but not least, I’ve always adored crystals and gems, and not so much for their healing properties, which may be controversial to a lot of people, but because they’re just beautiful. I finally got myself a bigger amethyst crystal, which plays the role of the most important decoration on my table at the moment!


February favorites ◊ 2016

29. 2. 2016

Today is the last day of February and it feels strange that there won’t be another post on the 29th of February for another four years! I’ve got a variety of products to go through this time, let’s go!

I’ve started stepping out of my comfort zone – usually red lips and earthy eye shadow tones – with a bright orange Topshop lipstick in shade Hedonist. This color is not my usual pick, it was at the bottom of my makeup drawer and I haven’t touched it for ages. I think this is one of the most opaque orange lippies I’ve seen so far, but I have to use a lip scrub the night before because it dries my lips quite a lot. Secondly, it always seems like I start incorporating trends into my makeup routine when they’re all last season. Marsala eyes have only just reached me and I’ve been loving it! As a base, I use the Maybelline Color Tattoo (Pomegranate) and I top if off with a metallic purple shade Icon from the MUA’s Smokin Palette (the bottom left shade, more here) and pair it with a very luxurious and moisturizing Roses et Reines pink lip balm by L’Occitane.

One of the perks of February is the fact that spring is almost here! It’s such a pleasure to watch snowdrops and primroses that already started blooming in the gardens and along the roads ♥ All of this means that it will be easier to take care of our hands and hair, the two critical parts of the past season. I’ve been saving my hands with the Essence Smile, you are pretty! handcreme, which smells amazing!! And it really protects my skin that needs constant care. I also couldn’t go on without mentioning the Omnia Botanica argan oil that I’ve been using on my hair throughout the whole winter. It does wonders to my hair and makes them incredibly soft, I’ll have to get myself a new bottle soon!  I’ve instagrammed the Born to Bio Vanilla Flower deodorant a few months back and I love to use it when I’m home or don’t have any special plans for the day. Its gorgeous vanilla scent is to die for, not too powerful, but still strong enough that I can feel it for a few minutes. Not to mention it is paraben- and aluminium salts-free, the most important part if you ask me.

There’s also a chocolate update for you! I don’t really like milk chocolates or chocolates with a low quantity of cocoa just because they’re packed with sugar without a good reason. The Gorenjka and Choceur chocolates are my current favorites, I used the same 75% Gorenjka chocolate for the Valentine’s day dessert and it worked out great. There’s no doubt these will become my go-to baking chocolates!

The last thing to mention are the SEVA incense sticks. I’m not an incense stick expert, but I do know that good incense sticks are really hard to find. I’ve tried lots and lots of different sticks that just didn’t do the job for me, the scent after you burn them is almost never the same compared to what you smelled at the shop. My ambition to find another good brand after the L’Occitane’s incense sticks were discontinued finally ended up with a good find! I got these incense sticks from Om Šiva Ezoterika, a bookshop in Ljubljana (BTC, link here), and each type is specifically designated for one of the chakras. I use them at my every yoga practice and they make the whole workout experience even more enjoyable!

Take care,
Vesna ♥


What I loved in 2015 … (beauty & tea!)

3. 1. 2016

I think the past year was a good year in terms of beauty products. I gradually started (and I’m still working on it, this will be my new year’s resolution!) to become a more conscious buyer – I try to think twice whether I really need a certain product or not. I also started to read the ingredient lists and give more attention to quality rather than quantity. I could easily say that these products have become a staple in my everyday life, so this will be a very general overview with links to other posts as I already wrote about them lots throughout the year.

The Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer (more herechanged my attitude towards concealers completely, it’s so easy to use and provides an insane coverage! I’ve been using it constantly since I bought it and there is still enough product left for a good few months of use. One product that completely surprised me is the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation. The reason why this was such a shock in a positive way is the fact that I was given this foundation as a gift and really didn’t expect the shade to match my skin tone, plus it has a medium to full coverage. It is true that it was a bit too dark at the beginning, but it turned out to be a perfect match for my sun-kissed skin. This was my second bottle in 6 months and you can see that it’s completely empty. I will definitely repurchase it if my new organic foundations disappoint me in the summer! The Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara (more here) is like wine, it gets better with every week! I’m not using it all the time as I have lots of other mascaras to use, but I use this one when my aim is to create as much volume as possible. I love it!

For the cheeks, I’ve been using the L’Oréal Glam Bronze bronzer in the lightest shade 01 Portofino and I usually combine it with the Sephora Coral Flush blush  (more here) – it is funny to see that both of them are quite intact, but very little is needed to achieve the effect, especially with the bronzer. And it’s probably needless to say that the Maybelline Color Tattoos (more here and here) are the absolute winner when it comes to eyeshadows, I’ve mentioned them countless times and probably will again in the future!

Ohh, how I love Essie’s Fiji! This must be my favorite nail polish of 2015 (more here). This shade is so flattering and pretty, I could easily wear it every single day. And one of the best finds of this year is the Parisax eyeliner (more here). Because of this little gem, I can finally wear eyeliner on my hooded eyes! It doesn’t smudge and stays put throughout the whole day. To conclude everything up, I couldn’t go without mentioning my love for Clipper teas (more here). These are the first organic teas I have ever tried and I love them all, especially the Organic Detox Infusion, which tastes a-mah-zing!

I wish you all a happy new year! Let it be filled with lots of love, good food and great moments, let 2016 be the best year yet! :)


September favorites ◊ 2015

2. 10. 2015




A random thought: you can really tell autumn is here when you see squirrels running around with walnuts! Truth to be told, I haven’t seen one, but my parents did and this is a real indicator that Indian summer is far gone. Although autumn calls for berry lips, my September was all about nude. Since my sister got me the one from Essence in shade cool nude 02, my perception of nude lips changed completely. This pink undertoned nude is just right for my a bit darker skin tone. I like to pair it with Essence longlasting lipliner in shade plum cake 07, which has a pink undertone too. I just use it to line the lips, otherwise it is just too dry.

L’Oréal Paris mascaras are among my favorites, so it isn’t surprising that I bought two Volume Million Lashes Luminizer mascaras for hazel eyes that were on sale for € 3 each in Maximarket! Unfortunately, you can hardly get them in the stores now, but the Volume Million Lashes have practically the same plastic brush. It has a slightly violet formula which is supposed to enhance brown eyes. Truth to be told, it is very flattering and I’ve been wearing it non-stop throughout the whole month!

When the weather gets a bit colder and windy, my hands are the first to know. They immediately become so dry that a hand cream is a must in my bag. I’ve been loving the Almond SOS Care hand cream by Afrodita for hands and nails. Almond oil and shea butter help regenerate the skin and make it really soft, plus it has a creamy almond scent that I love. Talking about hands, I’ve also been using the Essence Caring nail oil, usually after removing the nail polish. I just need some nail care once in a while, my nails are so exhausted because of constant use of nail polish and acetone remover… and then I wonder why they are so brittle!

I also rediscovered my love for St. Ives apricot scrub, it is among my all-time favorites. It gently removes dead skin cells and somehow removes dry skin patches. Love, love!

As for the non-beauty favorites, I’ve been wearing my new poncho from Tally Wejl constantly. These colors go together with every single outfit, it really is a must-have fashion item this season. In addition to that, jewellery always plays a huge role in complementing my outfit and this H&M rose gold stud necklace goes well with almost everything too!

Last but not least, candles are a huge contributor in achieving a perfect autumn atmosphere. I’m currently using this Ikea candle that smells like fresh cookies! Which reminds me, I have to start baking soon, cinnamon cookies work just as well, they make the whole house feel like Christmas holidays :)


5 Autumn Favorites

10. 10. 2014

Hi there :) We have finally entered into a new season and although our summer was very disappointing, October is oh so charming! Warm weather surprises me over and over again because I always take a coat with me – well of course I do, we are in Autumn − and I always end up carrying it around in my hands. Nevertheless, I immensely enjoy it and I wish it would last for weeks ♥


 My first favorite is a scarf that I bought on sales in Promod last month and I fell in love with it. Besides being extremely warm and thus perfect for Autumn/Winter, its gorgeous mix of colors make it suitable to wear with almost any outfit. Then there is the second non-beauty thing: a chai! I discovered a rooibos chai in DM a few weeks ago and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. I recently quit drinking large amounts of coffee and chai latte made me completely forget about it! I prefer it with coconut milk I always prepare myself, but when I’m out of it (like today), I just use the regular one. I have to make a separate recipe post about it, it gives something extra to the taste. And of course it has to be sweet, I currently use the DM stevia as a sweetener.


And now we’re off to the beauty related products! A lip must-have in autum is of course a deep lipstick and the Revlon Colorburst in shade Raspberry is the one in my opinion! The lovely berry shade is just perfect, I’ve been wearing it almost every day in the past few weeks. On the other hand, I like to match it with my new Essie nail polish in shade Bahama mama. They are both gorgeous separately, but I also love to have similar shades in my outfit and my makeup at the same time. 


My last product is the Le Petit Marseillais body lotion with shea butter, chamomile essential oil and fig milk. Oh my, the scent is amazing! Now I just have to smell it …. fresh, sweet figs and a yummy cocktail on an exotic beach are the first things that come to my mind. The scent is quite strong and stays on for a few hours, but this doesn’t bother me, because I love it. Besides that, it really moisturises the skin and makes it incredibly soft. ♥ I am thinking about trying some of their hair products, has anyone tried them already? 

It is finally Friday, I can’t wait to spend the weekend with my sister and playing with my little Maltese! Take care ♥



Summer favorites

23. 8. 2014

This has been perhaps the worst summer ever. The weather has ruined the summer spirit already a few weeks ago, and, to cap it all, I have been ill in million ways throughout the whole August. I did not focus on my favorite products in the last few months, so I decided to briefly recap all the products I happily used in this short summer which ended more than a week ago. Luckily, I am going on vacation in September to enjoy at least a bit of the real heat!

To je bilo zame verjetno najslabše poletje do sedaj. Vreme je poletno vzdušje uničilo že pred nekaj tedni, za kapljo čez rob pa sem že skoraj celoten avgust prehlajena na milijon načinov. Najljubših izdelkov v zadnjih mesecih nisem ravno izpostavljala, zato sem se odločila, da na kratko povzamem izdelke, ki sem jih z veseljem uporabljala v tistem kratkem poletju, ki je minil že dober teden nazaj. Na srečo dopust načrtujem v septembru, da bom doživela vsaj malo prave vročine!


I am going to start with my favorite bronzer, and that is The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing powder about which I already said a few things. Its warm brown shade beautifully completes both simple and a bit more intensive look. A winner! Going to the next one: I really like to use bright matt and shimmery shades of the Oh So Special Sleek palette I received for my birthday from my best friend ♥ I use the matt ones in the center of my eyelid and the shimmery ones in the inner and outer corner. And now on to the product I just love and started using it a month ago – the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water!! I will not stay at this one too long, I can just say that it really is great!

Začela bom z najljubšim bronzerjem, in sicer The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing powder, o katerem sem nekaj več že napisala. S toplim rjavim odtenkom lepo zaokroži tako enostaven kot tudi bolj intenziven izgled. Zmaga! Poleg izjemno rada uporabljam svetle mat in svetleče odtenke Oh So Special Sleek paletke, ki sem jo za rojstni dan dobila od najboljše prijateljice ♥ Mat senčke čez srednji del veke, na notranji in zunanji del pa malo senčke z bleščicami! Zdaj pa izdelek, ki ga neskončno obožujem in sem ga preskusila šele pred dobrim mesecem: navdušena sem nad Garnierjevo micelarno vodico!! Ne bom izgubljala preveč besed, res je tako dobra, kot pravijo vse uporabnice!


It is not a secret that I am completely crazy about lipstick in fuchsia. Since June, I have been loving the Bourjois Color Boost in shade Fuchsia Libre (I got this for my birthday too, thanks to my boyfriend ♥). The thing is that it’s not as thick as a usual lipstick would be, but a strong pink shade on the lips is still visible on the lips. Although its texture is very lip balm-like, it is long lasting. And it is very clear that I take it everywhere with me, the text is completely erased :) The next one is currently my favorite nail polish, and that is the Rimmel London in shade White Hot Love. A base coat and two coats last for almost four days, which is clearly a miracle. And the last one is the Balea Aqua eye cream gel. It does not make any wonders, but cools the skin nicely and I also use it before I apply the liquid foundation.

I hope you had a pleasant summer. I have already started window shopping and gathering clothes for autumn. Is it just me or is autumn clothing always the most interesting? :)

Da sem nora na šminke v odtenku fuksije, ni več skrivnost. Že od junija z največjim veseljem uporabljam Bourjouis Color Boost v odtenku Fuchsia Libre (tudi to sem dobila za rojstni dan, hvala super fantu ♥). Všeč mi je to, da ni tako močna kot običajne šminke, vendar je na ustnicah vseeno viden močen roza odtenek. Čeprav ima teksturo balzama za ustnice, je zelo dolgo obstojna. Da jo veliko nosim s seboj je vidno, vsi napisi so se že izbrisali :) Sledi trenutno najljubši lak za nohte, in sicer Rimmel London v odtenku White Hot Love. Dve plasti s podlakom na mojih nohtih zdržita skoraj štiri dni, kar je pravi čudež. Zadnji pa je Balein kremni gel za nego kože okoli oči. Sicer ne dela čudežev, vendar kožo prijetno hladi, nanesem pa ga tudi pred nanosom tekoče podlage.

Upam, da ste prijetno preživeli poletje, jaz počasi že ogledujem in nabiram jesenska oblačila. Ali se samo meni zdi, da je jesenska garderoba vedno najbolj zanimiva? :)



May favorites

29. 5. 2014

Since we are at the end of May, it is only appropriate to show you m(a)y favorites. Let’s start! I’ve bought the Le Petit Marseillais shower gel with white peach and nectarine scent in the beginning of May. I love it! It smells like real peaches and when you apply it during your shower, the scent becomes even more intense. I really need to check if there is a body lotion with the same scent. The next product is the Balea day cream with SPF 15. Me and my sister were looking for a face cream with SPF which would be less greasy than the usual face sunscreen, because make up literally starts to melt when applied over. It should be used a while before applying the liquid foundation in order to avoid the smudging.

Ker smo že na koncu maja, se spodobi, da predstavim najljubše izdelke tega meseca. Bom kar začela! Na začetku meseca sem kupila Le Petit Marseillais vlažilni gel za prhanje z vonjem bele breskve in nektarine. Nad njim sem navdušena! Diši po pravih breskvah in ko se ga med prhanjem nanese na kožo, vonj postane še močnejši. Preveriti moram, če imajo mleko za telo z enakim vonjem! Naslednji izdelek je Baleina dnevna krema za obraz z zaščitnim faktorjem 15. S sestro sva iskali kremo, ki bi bila manj mastna kot običajne kreme za sončenje za obraz, ker se ličila pričnejo kar topiti. Nanesti jo je treba malo pred nanosom podlage, da se dobro vpije v kožo in se ne packa s podlago. IMG_0101

I currently often use pink or violet eye shadows. One of them is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade Metallic Pomegranate. I apply a thin layer in the inner part of the eye and a few layers on the outer part to create a smoky eye effect. The look is accentuated with the Alverde highlighter, which I’ve bought by mistake a while ago (I was buying a concealer). This one contains small glitter and blends in with the foundation and accentuates that part a little bit. I usually apply it on the brow bone and under my eyes, to distract attention away from my dark circles :P

Trenutno rada uporabljam roza in vijolične senčke za veke. Ena izmed njih je Maybelline Collor Tattoo v odtenku Metallic Pomegranate. Na notranjo stran je nanesem bolj malo, na zunanji strani pa jo nanesem večkrat, da ustvarim smoky eye učinek. Videz poudarim z Alverde osvetljevalcem, ki sem ga pred časom kupila po nesreči, iskala sem namreč običajen korektor. Ta ima čisto majhne bleščice, ki se zlijejo s podlago in malenkost osvetlijo poudarjen del. Običajno ga nanesem pod obrvmi in pod spodnjo veko, da pozornost odvrnem od podočnjakov :P 


Last but not least, I’m totally excited about wild strawberries around our home! In this time of the year, we can bring ingredients for smoothies every time we go for a walk or to the garden, and it’s a lot healthier than going to the store ♥

Navsezadnje pa sem navdušena nad domačimi gozdnimi jagodami! Zdaj pa res lahko med vsakim sprehodom ali obiskom vrta najdemo nekaj za v smoothie, pa še veliko bolj zdravo je, kot če bi odšli v trgovino ♥