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29. 4. 2015



 (Blazer: H&M / Shirt: H&M / Jeans: Stradivarious / Belt: Tommy Hilfiger / Boots: Bata / Necklaces: H&M / Lipstick: MAC)


I know I should write about the upcoming spring and summer clothes, I simply cannot bid farewell to my fall/winter clothes just yet. Yesterday was probably one of the last opportunities to wear my favorite brown leather boots once more until I pack them up for a few months! I got them at Bata at the beginning of the year and only wore them once. However, I wanted to try them out for real, a nine centimeter heel is not something I wear on a daily basis. So I went for a litle shop today to test them properly. They turned out to be incredibly stable, which is the most important feature I’m looking for. And although I tend to sprain my ankles quite easily and had quite a serious ankle injury a few years ago, they were incredibly easy to wear (knock on wood!!).
The verdict: they are definitely not a pair I would wear if I went out for a whole day, but will surely wear them more often the next fall.

Bata designs always amaze me, they have such a vast array of shoes that I always find at least two pairs I would buy and this doesn’t happen very often, believe me. Their shop in Citypark (Ljubljana) is defenitely worth a visit if you’re nearby, especially because they have insane sales at the end of each season. I’ll probably take a look later today!


All black and a hint of color

14. 11. 2014


Well. Almost two weeks have passed since my last post and in my defence, I had so much work to do for my studies that I just couldn’t find any spare time to write anything. I knew from the very beginning that it would be difficult to deal with faculty and writing at the same time, but I’ll do my best to handle both in the future. This blog is nevertheless my hobby and unfortunately has to wait sometimes ;)

Let me continue from where I stopped in the beginning of November, before all this rain. Back then, it was still quite warm and sunny, a real Indian summer I just cannot forget ♥ Although I’ve been incorporating colors in my outfits in the past few years (after a long metal period \m/! ), I still like to wear all black from time to time, just in a more elegant way than I used to :) This particular outfit was my favorite in September and October, I just feel great with a trench coat, a short dress and some heels (this is not even considered any height in reality). And of course a beautiful scarf, my staple piece in any season.







trench coat Promod/ scarf Promod/ shoes Creator/ tights Calzedonia/ bag − my mother’s (+20 years!)

Of course I have to include a few pictures of me and my sister, I believe we both looked very nice :) The weather forecast said it would be a bit better today, but it doesn’t seem like it. I have nothing against rain, but my maltese is a real diva and refuses to go for a walk in the rain – he stops as soon as his paws get wet and anything I can do is to bring him back home. You can imagine how bored he becomes after a week of rain :D I am going to stop here for today, you may hear from me on Sunday ;) Have a gorgeous weekend! ♥



Burgundy & faux fur

7. 10. 2014

I’ve been looking for a perfect winter parka for quite some time and now I am happy to announce that I have finally found it! This is one of the lucky things I bought in Zagreb, more precisely in H&M. As soon as I saw this color I just fell in love with it. Although I never liked faux fur (or real one, for that matter), it ceased to bother me in the last couple of months. Saying just that, this faux fur around the hood makes this parka just perfect! This lining can be easily removed, which is great if the fur starts to annoy me for some reason. 

rsz_img_2483 (1)






parka H&M / trousers Bershka / shoes Bata / sunglasses H&M

This parka is incredibly warm, I can’t wait to start wearing it on a daily basis. On another note, I’m back on track at my studies, it really is a full-time job, but I nevertheless can’t wait to start translating frequently, I really missed that :) I wish you a great and productive week! ♥



New in: Birkenstock sandals

23. 7. 2014


Yayy, I have my first pair of Birkenstock sandals too! I have ankle problems due to an injury, so it is difficult for me to find appropriate summer footwear. The majority of sandals does not keep the foot in place, the soles are usually made of plastics and are extremely slippery (a shameful anecdote of mine: once, I fell on the street in front of a bar full of people because of bad soles) etc., so I mainly wore flats in the last couple of years. I am very demanding when it comes to choosing footwear and I completely lost hope of finding good sandals in the beginning of July.

Tako, pa imam tudi jaz svoj prvi par Birkenstock sandalov! Zaradi poškodbe imam težave z gležnji, zato težko najdem primerno poletno obutev. Večina sandalov noge ne drži na mestu, večinoma so podplati iz plastike in noro drsijo (sramotna anekdota: enkrat sem zaradi slabih podplatov celo padla pred lokalom, kjer je bilo zunaj polno ljudi) itd., tako da sem zadnja leta večinoma nosila le balerinke. Pri izbiri sem vedno zelo zahtevna in v začetku julija sem nad iskanjem primernih sandalov obupala.


Gradually, I started to like Birkenstock sandals and in addition, almost all users have positive experience with them. This is actually the first pair of shoes that I wanted to have because of a good feedback. I ordered them in dark blue on and are still on sale. Birkenstocks are orthopaedic and designed to conform to the foot’s anatomy; they provide support in the right places and encourage a natural way of walking. The materials adapt to the foot in approximately one week, so I can soon start wearing them outside of the house ;) I’m really pleased with them at the moment and I do hope they will get along with my wardrobe! :)

Počasi so mi Birkenstock sandali postali všeč, poleg tega pa imajo skoraj vsi uporabniki z njimi pozitivne izkušnje. To je resnično prvi par čevljev, ki sem ga želela zaradi tako dobrih ocen. Naročila sem jih v temno modri barvi na spletni strani in trenutno so še vedno znižani. Birkenstock čevlji so ortopedski in oblikovani po anatomiji stopal, jih podpirajo na pravih mestih in spodbujajo naravno hojo. V približno enem tednu naj bi se materiali prilagodili stopalu, tako da jih zdaj lahko nosim tudi izven hiše ;) Zaenkrat sem nad njimi navdušena, upam, da se bodo dobro ujeli tudi z mojo garderobo! :)


rsz_img_4057 Vesna


One of the proudest days of my life ♥ & OOTD

29. 5. 2014

Yesterday was one of the proudest days of my life: my sister obtained her masters degree! I am very proud of miss M. A., it is quite difficult to write the thesis while working all the time. I am taking advantage of the situation to show our picture and my OOTD ♥

Včeraj je bil eden izmed mojih najbolj ponosnih dni: sestra je magistrirala! Na gospodično mag. sem izjemno ponosna, takega magistrskega dela ni lahko napisati med stalnim delom. Priložnost bom izkoristila tudi za skupno fotografijo in OOTD ♥




skirt Zara / jacket Stradivarious / top H&M / scarf H&M / bag Zara / shoes Creator



New in: s.Oliver necklace

19. 5. 2014

You may not know that, but I love wearing necklaces. Currently, I like the short ones with a big pendant. Well, I noticed the exact one last week in a s.Oliver shop and bought it immediately. The pendant is coral and silver and has an interesting triangular shape.

Mogoče še ne veste, vendar zelo rada nosim verižice. Trenutno so mi najbolj všeč bolj kratke z večjim obeskom. No, točno takšno sem prejšnji teden našla in seveda takoj kupila v trgovini s. Oliver. Obesek je srebrne in koralne barve in je zanimive trikotne oblike.


At home I realised that the triangle in the middle has almost the same color as the Maybelline Colorama nail polish from the Bleached Neons collection. In this way, my nails will match with the necklace and it seems that my dog approves of it too ;)

Doma sem ugotovila, da je srednji trikotnik skoraj identične barve kot Maybellinov Colorama lak za nohte iz kolekcije Bleached Neons. Tako se bodo tudi nohti ujemali z verižico, in to je očitno všeč tudi mojemu kužku ;)


IMG_9801 (2)

And now I’m off to catch the last sun rays with my dog. I wish you a beautiful start of the week! ♥

Zdaj pa grem s kužkom poskusit ulovit še zadnje sončne žarke. Lep začetek tedna želim! ♥



New in: Ready for summer!

7. 5. 2014


Tadaa, shopping for summer clothes has begun! I cannot wait the moment when I will be able to walk around in shorts, skirts and dresses … I am tired of trousers and sweaters! My favorite piece so far is the skirt with an aztec pattern. I never shop in Tally Wail, but this skirt caught my eye almost instantly. It is quite tight and I really like that I can tuck in a loose shirt in the front. I did the same thing with an H&M white top and I am sure it will be great with some jeans or shorts. I bought two bandeaux in C&A, because the shirt is too low in the front to use just a bra. Two are in a package, one black and one in color.

Takole, nakupi za poletje so se že začeli! Komaj čakam, da bo dovolj toplo, da se bom sprehajala v kratkih hlačah, krilcih in oblekicah …. naveličana sem že dolgih hlač in dolgih rokavov! Trenutno mi je najbolj všeč kratko krilo z azteškim vzorcem. V Tally Weilu sicer ne nakupujem, vendar mi je to krilo takoj padlo v oči! Zelo je oprijeto, všeč pa mi je, da imam lahko zgoraj bolj ohlapno majčko, ki jo na sprednjem delu malo zatlačim. Tu sem enako naredila s H&M majčko brez rokavov. Prepričana sem, da bo super s kavbojkami ali kratkimi hlačami .V C&A sem kupila dva bandeauja, ker je majčka preveč odprta, da bi spodaj imela modrček. V pakiranju se dobi dva, enega črnega in enega barvnega.



The shorts are from Zara and I got them on sales, but I’m not sure whether I’m going to wear them anywhere else than on the seaside :P Honestly, I’m not used to wearing shorts in public, so this will definitely be a summer challenge for me! Last but not least, I got bikinis from H&M. Since each piece cost only € 4,95, I didn’t even think about it and just bought them. They have a lot of designs this year and I am sure that I will buy another pair very soon :)

Kratke hlače sem kupila v Zari na razprodajah, vendar nisem prepričana, da jih bom nosila še kje drugje kot ob morju :P Če po pravici povem, v javnosti nisem navajena nositi kratkih hlač, tako da bo to moj letošnji poletni izziv! Nenazadnje pa sem v H&M kupila tudi kopalke. Ker je vsak kos stal le 4,95 eur, sploh nisem preveč razmišljala in sem jih kar kupila. Letos imajo zelo lepe modele in prepričana sem, da se bom kmalu vrnila še po kakšne :)