img_2005img_2037img_2035Orange is without a doubt an amazing, vibrant shade that goes well to any summer outfit. However, not any orange shade cuts it through to my makeup vanity! If I only had to choose one nail polish to use for the rest of the year, my answer would be really simple: I’d pick the Collistar gloss nail lacquer with gel effect in shade Arancio Solare 542. I bought it around two months ago because I really needed a new nail polish. Honestly, I stopped buying new ones last year as soon as I realised my nail polish count significantly exceeded 50. So, I wanted something new and tried to find a real orangey orange, which is really hard to find to my surprise! There aren’t many orange shades available, and even when there are, the color is always more on the red side.

This is how I found my Arancio Solare, wore it non-stop (always two layers, of course), and almost used it up. The lacquer itself is really long lasting as well, probably one of the best ones I have at the moment. The bottle looks quite worn down, but I’m sure I’ll use it up to the last drop. What can I say, I love myself some statement nails!


img_1469img_1471img_1481img_1495img_1519img_1508I finally found some time to go through the Lookfantastic Beauty Box I received in June! This one was the second special edition of the year that consisted of 7 products instead of 6. Most importantly, it was aimed at providing hydration and luminosity – all we need in these summer eves, am I right? ;)

I was really intrigued by the Elemis Superfood Cleansing Wash. The February box included their Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and I love it so much that I was really eager to try the wash as well. Needless to say, I love using it and I look forward to taking it with me on summer vacation! There’s nothing better in the morning than a freshly washed face, if you ask me :) The second product is the Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts, such an interesting and effective item! It comes in form of a paste and although it seems strange to massage a scrub-like texture onto the scalp, the result is nothing but incredible. It completely dissolves when applied and it seems to foam a lot under your fingertips. First of all, it really does create a lot of volume after drying, I was amazed to have even more voluminous hair than usual! And second of all, it leaves the hair with a nice, subtle rose scent that lingers around throughout the second day as well. I also like the The Ritual of Dao Body Cream by Rituals that has a very light and neutral scent. It does absorb into the skin very quickly, but I haven’t used it much because I have a bunch of other body creams to go through. Another body product is the Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion, something all of us need to get some color without exposing ourselves to the sun too much! I used it a couple of times in the morning and applied it really carefully over my legs. However, I haven’t noticed any significant difference – but it’s also true I haven’t paid any attention to that either. I can say that if there was any tan, it was very even and neutral, because I would notice any spots if that wasn’t the case. There were also no marks on my clothes and I will surely use it again.

This box also came with the MÁDARA SOS Hydra Moisture+Radiance Mask, such a cute-looking mask/leave-in treatment! I really liked how it performed on my skin, but it does contain alcohol so it may be drying if you have sensitive skin. This leaves us with two products that I haven’t tried at all. I haven’t opened the Environmental Rescue Essential Day Cream yet, but it comes in such an interesting packaging! It’s supposed to provide hydration for whole 12 hours and I’m slightly skeptical about this statement. But it does contain some antioxidants, so it’ll be nice to try in that respect. Last but not least, the only makeup item was the Studio 10 Liquid Foil i-Radiance Metallic Shadow. It looks like a lip gloss with a doe foot applicator, but it’s actually a very fast drying liquid eye shadow with beautiful copper glitter. It’s very transparent and doesn’t look like a foil, but I believe it can be buildable. It would also be interesting to try it as a base and then apply loose glitter or pigments on top! And then a few sprays of a setting spray and you’re good to go!

Anyway, I really enjoyed testing this Lookfantastic Beauty Box and I decided to go for a 12-month subscription this time. Then I’ll surely have enough skincare items and makeup for years! :)


img_1329img_1347img_1394img_1372img_1431Spomnim se, ko je pred leti Natura Siberica prišla v Slovenijo ravno v obdobju, ko sem imela veliko veselje do naravne kozmetike. Že na pogled so me njihove lično oblikovane embalaže takoj prevzele, danes pa so s tega vidika še bolj dovršene. Pred nekaj tedni sem prejela njihovo novo belo linijo, ki je namenjena mešani koži. Že ko sem gledala fotografije na Instagramu in Facebooku, sem imela občutek, da gre za nekaj res posebnega. Težko rečem, nad katerim izdelkom sem najbolj navdušena, ker so vsi trije resnično izjemni!

Zagotovo mi je v oči najprej padlo čistilno maslo za obraz za odstranjevanje ličil, saj je na prvi pogled trdno, ob dotiku pa izjemno mehko. Enostavno se ga vmasira na obraz, doda malo vode, da nastane neke vrste emulzija, nato pa spere s kože. Jaz običajno postopek še enkrat ponovim, ker imam običajno na sebi kar nekaj fasade, ha! Poleg tega, da za naravni izdelek neverjetno dobro oz. popolno odstrani ličila, je obraz po koncu čiščenja popolnoma nemasten. Ličila enako izjemno, vendar malenkost hitreje in z manj packarije okoli umivalnika, odstrani tudi micelarna vodica z aktivnim ogljem. Prav tako odstrani popolnoma vse, najbolj pa mi je všeč, da me oči med uporabo prav nič ne pečejo! Če dobro pomislim, nisem preskusila še nobene micelarne vodice, ki ne bi dražila oči, tako da je res super. Tudi maska je odlična, je zelo goste in kremne teksture, ki se ob stiku s kožo kar stopi. Zanimivo je to, da ima prvih nekaj minut na koži grelni učinek, kot mini savna. Je zelo bogata in se ne suši, zato ves čas deluje vlažilno. Po spiranju prav tako ni sledu za mastnim slojem, tako da nato enostavno nanesem preostanek večerne nege. Res res super linija izdelkov, imajo tudi črno linijo, ki je primerna za bolj suh tip kože. Na voljo je v Tuš Drogeriji in prejšnji teden je bila celotna kolekcija znižana, tako da se morda splača preveriti, če ugodnosti še veljajo!

I can still remember the moment when I first saw Natura Siberica in our stores. Their beautifully designed packaging immediately caught my attention and it’s even more beautiful and sleek today. I received their new skincare line perfect for a mixed skin type several weeks ago. Even when I saw some photos online, I already knew it would be something special. And it’s impossible for me to choose my favorite product as all of them are truly incredible!.

I was most interested to try the White Cleansing Butter that is firm to the look, but very soft to the touch. You simply massage a small amount onto the face, add some water to create an emulsion-like texture and rinse it off. As I usually have quite a lot of makeup on my face, I repeat the process once again. Although it’s incredibly buttery, there is no oily layer after use! Nevertheless, the Cleansing Micellar Water perfectly removes all the makeup as well without creating a lot of mess around the sink. I also love that it doesn’t sting my eyes, probably the only micellar water I’ve tried that isn’t irritating. As I said, the whole collection is fascinating and the White Purifying Face Mask won’t let you down either. Because the mask is very thick and buttery in consistency, it doesn’t dry and feels very moisturizing all the time. Natura Siberica also has a black line formulated for dry skin that is also worth checking out if you require a richer skincare. I honestly couldn’t be more excited for these product and would really recommend trying them out, especially if you’re into new textures and organic skincare!

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