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20. 5. 2019

I love the quote stating that brows are the frame of the face. On the minimal makeup days I only apply foundation or BB cream and mascara, but the brows are those that contribute the most to the entire look. Can any of you remember those horrific times when extremely thin brows were popular?! Every time I see a picture of myself from that period I’m appalled, but at the same time truly grateful for the current trends favouring bushy brows. :D

If you wish spending less time on your brows and slightly accentuate them for a couple of months, then the henna treatment might be right for you. Katra from Da Frame (her website is here) invited me on the first treatment in January and the idea of low maintenance brows sound very appealing. Not only because skipping a step in my morning routine saves some time, but also because I look 100% better without any makeup in the morning! She runs her little salon at home and luckily it’s located near Zaloška ulica, in case you’re in Ljubljana and would like to pay her a visit ;)

Katra is really precise and does her job with an admirable amount of excitement. At the same time, her relaxed attitude during the henna treatment almost lulled me to sleep :) She currently uses four different shades of Brow Henna and mixes them every single time according to the shade of the brows and the desired result. The process itself looks like this: First of all, Katra cleanses the brow area and removes the foundation. Then she applies the white protective paste, and colors the inner part with the mixture. After 20 minutes, she removes the paste and henna and that’s it! The entire process takes roughly an hour.

Do I like henna brow treatment? Absolutely! The first time the brows were colored for about a month. After a couple of weeks, I started applying the crayon in places my brows are naturally thinner. Of course I prefer them in the first weeks, but the effect is most noticeable the first week before henna washes off. This was my second treatment and five days later, my skin was back to normal.

The price of henna treatment is €30, brow threading costs €10 and brow threading + threading of the under nose area costs €15. Right at the beginning she removed my little moustache with a thread as well because waxing irritates that area more than I would wish.
Once again, thank you for the invitation, Katra – I’ll most certainly be back! :)l

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