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Chia pudding with persimmon and homemade granola

27. 1. 2020

Although I live for warm winter breakfasts, I sometimes make myself something more refreshing based on fruit. In my opinion, chia is really fun to use because of its texture and can be a basis for a wonderful cooking- and fuss-free chia pudding. This time I added a slightly sour coconut yoghurt, persimmon, which is nicely sweet towards the end of the season, and some homemade granola for a crunchy kick (one of my recipes is here). And why not join all of these together and have it for breakfast? :) It packs a bunch of healthy fats, is light and tasty, but also very refreshing and reminded me of spring and summer (I cannot wait!). I usually have it for breakfast, so I put it together ahead in the evening. For one person I used:

two tbsp chia ♥ two tbsp coconut yoghurt ♥ two tbsp water ♥ one persimmon ♥ some granola

I added two spoons of coconut yoghurt and two spoons of water into a glass (I could have used plant-based milk, but you cant skip this step for a thicker pudding), and then add two spoons of chia seeds. This mixture needs to be stirred thoroughly so that no lumps of chia are formed, and put it into the fridge for a couple of hours (or overnight). In the morning, I peeled a soft persimmon (the usual soft type, not vanilla), blended it with a mixer and poured over chia pudding. Then I just added some homemade granola and chia pudding is served, yum!


Gluten-free granola

19. 8. 2014


The time for the gluten-free homemade granola recipe has come. I always do it out of the ingredients that I already have at home, which makes them different every single time. The main ingredients are nuts and seeds, everything else is just optional. You can always add oatmeal, usually essential in granola. 

Tako, pa je prišel čas še za recept za domače brezglutenske muslije. Jaz jih vedno naredim iz sestavin, ki jih že imam doma, tako da so skoraj vsakič drugačni. Glavna sestavina so oreščki in semena, ostalo pa dodajam po želji. Seveda lahko dodate tudi ovsene kosmiče, ki so pri muslijih običajno nepogrešljivi. 


We’ll need:

a package of slivered almonds    one cup of mixed seeds    one cup of coconut pieces and coconut flour   one tablespoon of flax seeds   one tablespoon of sesame    cinnamon    a big tablespoon of honey or two tablespoons of coconut sugar

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl and pour them on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Warm up the coconut oil in a small bowl, add and dissolve honey or coconut sugar. Pour the mixture over the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Put in a preheated oven (180 °C) for 15 minutes. While baking, stir the mixture several times and watch out that all the parts are being baked equally. If you prefer a stronger flavor, leave them in the oven for a few extra minutes.


paket narezanih mandljev    lonček mešanih semen    lonček kokosovih koščkov in kokosove moke  ♥  žlica lanenih semen  ♥  žlica sezama   velika žlica kokosovega olja    cimet    velika žlica medu ali dve žlici kokosovega sladkorja

Vse suhe sestavine zmešamo v posodi in stresemo na pekač, prekrit s peki papirjem. Nato v manjši posodi pogrejemo kokosovo olje, vmešamo med ali kokosov sladkor in počakamo, da se raztopi. Mešanico prelijemo čez suhe sestavine in dobro premešamo. Postavimo v vnaprej segreto pečico na 180 °C za 15 minut. Večkrat dobro premešamo in pazimo, da so vsi deli enako zapečeni. Če imate raje bolj močen okus, jih lahko v pečici pustite še nekaj minut.


Granola with fruits and yogurt is great for breakfast and also make a great snack by themselves. I used to adore purchased granola all the time, but they cannot be compared to the homemade ones! In addition, we always know exactly what they contain, without unnecessary sweeteners and other additives. :)

Musliji so za zajtrk super z jogurtm in sadjem, za malico pa jih lahko grickamo kar same. Ko sem muslije še kupovala, so mi bili sicer zelo všeč, vendar  se glede okusa niti slučajno ne morajo kosati z doma narejenimi! Poleg tega pa res vemo kaj vsebujejo, brez nepotrebnih sladil in drugih dodatkov. :)



Coconut milk & the best coconut chai latte ♥

3. 11. 2014


I’ve been raving about chai lattes over the past two months and it seems only fair to finally share the recipe with you. The main ingredient is coconut milk, and since I prefer a bit more natural coconut milk over canned, I’ve been making it out of the Alnatura (DM) coconut flour. As you will see, the recipe is insanely easy and can be prepared in about 10 minutes (with a bit of a mess, whoops!). Let’s go to the recipe:

50−100 g coconut flour    2 dl water

Cover the coconut flour with water and let it steep for about2 hours or overnight. Then add a bit more water, depending on how thick you want your milk to be. Then take a blender and blend it well! A few minutes will be enough. Cover a jar with a cloth and secure it with a rubber band. Pour in the mixture, when the cloth fills up, just remove the coconut residue. However, don’t throw it away, because it still contains a lot of milk. Repeat again, pour in the mixture and remove the residue. The most messy part comes after you’re finished: take out the cloth and try to squeeze as much milk as possible. Then remove and repeat with the residue from the first part. You can use the coconut residue in your homemade granola or mix it with coconut sugar and eat it, as I did! :)


I found out only now that you can as well use a strainer. I will definitely try it the next time, because doing it with cloth makes it much more messy. But you cannot squeeze it as much, so I believe every method has some pros and cons. The taste of this milk is great, but it’s not as thick as the canned one. If you want to use it for cooking, you may as well make a thicker version.


Coconut chai latte

There are several ways to use up this goodness… You can use it for cooking, drink it as it is or, as I prefer it, have it with a tea! You just fill a mug with how water and steep a tea of your choice for a few minutes. I currently love almost all teas from DM, especially the plain rooibos chai and chai with vanilla and orange ♥ But you can use any type of tea, if you ask me. Then add stevia (or honey, sugar…) and a bit of the coconut milk! Yumm :)




Chai lattes have completely replaced my coffee addiction, I even prefer them over coffe now! Nevertheless, I still enjoy a cup of good coffee from now and then. :) Have a wonderful week,



My favorite type of breakfast

9. 8. 2014


There is nothing better than a good breakfast. And for breakfast it is really hard to beat homemade granola! A bit of yoghurt, some fruit and granola … Just to make myself clear, this picture makes the cup much bigger than it is in reality! Nevertheless, the most simple recipe will be posted next week. Take care ♥

Nič ni boljšega kot odličen zajtrk. In za zajtrk je po mojem mnenju težko prekositi doma narejene muslije! Malo jogurta, malo sadja in musliji … In samo da se zaščitim, na sliki je posodica veliko večja, kot je v resnici! Najbolj enostaven recept zanje pa sledi naslednji teden. Lepo bodite ♥