24. 6. 2019

And I’m getting near the 30s as well! :) Birthdays are my favorites because they are one of the rare occasions that bring me and Alen to the city centre together. I’ve never lived in Ljubljana, but have been in the centre almost every day since highschool, which was almost 13 years ago. In recent years, a walk through and a pleasant lunch have become a lovely ritual we both appreciate greatly <3

After our morning coffee, we went to Zoofoa, a Slovenian store offering jewellery, clothing and accessories made by Slovenian designers, where I bought a cute pair of earrings by Mancca (these, but I love this golden pair as well!). I actually decided to start buying some clothes made by Slovenian designers because I got tired of completely stuffed shelves and crowds in larger clothing stores. It’s important to support Slovenian designers, whether they sell fashion, jewellery, food, furniture or anything else. We can buy so many great things that are made in Slovenia in a sustainable way, but then we invest our energy and time into industries that are known for their bad practices. In a way, this commitment is a gift to myself and the society for the future :)

And then it was time for lunch! We went to Shambala for the first time – I always eat their curry at Odprta kuhna and finally wanted to visit their restaurant. You can enter their premises from one of the oldest and prettiest streets in Ljubljana, i.e. the Križevniška ulica between the City Museum and Ljubljanica. If you plan an early lunch as we did, you should know that Shambala opens at 12 o’clock. Although I’m not a prawn lover, we chose grilled Black Tiger prawns with mango sauce as a starter. The marinade was AH-MAZING and they actually tasted great, although I would’ve never ordered them myself. Thai curry was obviously my choice for the main dish (I’m not sure whether it was green or red one) and it was insanely good, but very hot. I’m used to spicy foods as we grow chills at home, but this time it was even too hot for Alen. He wisely chose Pad Thai, which was insanely good and the next time I’ll take it, too! Portions are huge and I promise you won’t leave Shambala hungry. If there was any space left and I was allowed to eat gluten, chocolate soufflé would without any doubt be my choice dessert-wise. My layman’s review: 5/5!

All in all, we had an amazing day. If you have any recommendations for other interesting Asian restaurants in Ljubljana besides those in the city centre, let me know. We both enjoy Asian cuisine and even on trips we quickly find sushi or Asian fusion places (so boring, I know!) ;) Have a nice start to the week <3

Beauty Favorites

May favorites #2019

10. 6. 2019

This May was slightly different from all the previous years as I spent two weeks in France. This also means that I was limited to a small number of products I took along. Among my other favorite items are those that I’ve been loving since the first minute I got them (highlighting just one this time) and the ones I terribly missed during my trip! :)

I’ll start with one of my favorite palettes, the Urban Decay Naked 2. I bought it last year and although it didn’t seem anything special to me at the beginning, I started to really appreciate it in France because I left it at home! The pigmentation is great as are its longevity and blending ability. Tease was my fave shade for months, but now I really love using Busted and Pistol, too. I’m thinking about buying one of their new palettes, but then again there are so many other brands I want to try out … You get my dilemma :)

Although I didn’t want to write about the items I bought there, I have to mention my new All Day Weightless Foundation by Nars in shade Santa Fe. This is one of their most high-coverage foundations as far as I know, at least regarding the mattifying effect. The name already says that the foundation is liquid (almost serum-like) that surprisingly well covers all imperfections. Around three pumps are needed for the entire face and I still add the Infallible concealer by L’Oréal in shade Vanilla to brighten it slightly. At the end I add some setting powder and it looks perfect until the evening.

I’m so happy that I found a long-lost matte Milani Moisture Matte Lipstick in shade Matte Confident 67. If you ask me, this is one of the most universal red shades out there. Many of my friends tried it out and they all looked gorgeous, regardless of their complexion! It’s also really longlasting and doesn’t dry out like other lipsticks do. It costs less than €7, which is at least twice or three times less than similar products from other brands.

The Superfood Facial Wash by Elemis was also in my travel kit. If you don’t know yet, Elemis is a high-quality brand with wonderful textures. I received this travel-sized version in my Lookfantastic Beauty Box and tried it on several occasions, but this time I used it up. I loved using it as it nicely cleanses the skin and doesn’t dry it out (as some other do). But I’m not entirely sure it’s worth its €35 price point because there are many cheaper but still quality facial cleansers out there.

Last but not least, I have to mention the Nuxe Rêve de Miel I received at the Beauty Blogger Conference last year. The scent of honey is perfect for colder months – what April and May most certainly were! :D It doesn’t foam too much, which I like, and leaves a nice sweet scent on the skin for a few moments. I adore the packaging and €20 for 400ml of a great wash with amazing aromatherapy effect doesn’t seem too much. It can be used on both face and body, but I rather use other products on my face.

These are my five beauty favorites of May and the choice was difficult, but I still have a lot of material to show you :) I wish you all a very nice week! <3


New eyebrows at Da Frame

20. 5. 2019

I love the quote stating that brows are the frame of the face. On the minimal makeup days I only apply foundation or BB cream and mascara, but the brows are those that contribute the most to the entire look. Can any of you remember those horrific times when extremely thin brows were popular?! Every time I see a picture of myself from that period I’m appalled, but at the same time truly grateful for the current trends favouring bushy brows. :D

If you wish spending less time on your brows and slightly accentuate them for a couple of months, then the henna treatment might be right for you. Katra from Da Frame (her website is here) invited me on the first treatment in January and the idea of low maintenance brows sound very appealing. Not only because skipping a step in my morning routine saves some time, but also because I look 100% better without any makeup in the morning! She runs her little salon at home and luckily it’s located near Zaloška ulica, in case you’re in Ljubljana and would like to pay her a visit ;)

Katra is really precise and does her job with an admirable amount of excitement. At the same time, her relaxed attitude during the henna treatment almost lulled me to sleep :) She currently uses four different shades of Brow Henna and mixes them every single time according to the shade of the brows and the desired result. The process itself looks like this: First of all, Katra cleanses the brow area and removes the foundation. Then she applies the white protective paste, and colors the inner part with the mixture. After 20 minutes, she removes the paste and henna and that’s it! The entire process takes roughly an hour.

Do I like henna brow treatment? Absolutely! The first time the brows were colored for about a month. After a couple of weeks, I started applying the crayon in places my brows are naturally thinner. Of course I prefer them in the first weeks, but the effect is most noticeable the first week before henna washes off. This was my second treatment and five days later, my skin was back to normal.

The price of henna treatment is €30, brow threading costs €10 and brow threading + threading of the under nose area costs €15. Right at the beginning she removed my little moustache with a thread as well because waxing irritates that area more than I would wish.
Once again, thank you for the invitation, Katra – I’ll most certainly be back! :)l