Lookfantastic Beauty Box – December 2018

img_5829img_5880img_5836img_5859img_5850Holidays are approaching and the December Look Fantastic Beauty Box is supposed to be all about feeling glamorous on the longest night of the year. Let’s assume that everybody is subscribed because this particular box contains very little of what could be used for the New Year’s eve! :D This is the fourth Special Edition Beauty Box and I have to admit that the content nevertheless seems very exciting. There are several full-size products inside and although I already found some favorites, there are also some items that I’m not particularly fond of. Let’s go through!


Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum is the first thing that caught my eye. And for a good reason, the box is super cute! This serum is actually a blend of oils, such as Raspberry Seed, Sweet Almond, Olive, Meadowfoam (rich in antioxidants), Abyssinica Seed, and Sunflower Oil. Although I’m not particularly fond of oils, I know I should apply them more often as the final step of my evening skincare routine. Nevertheless, this thick oil nicely nourishes the skin around the eyes and makes it really soft throughout the night.

There are more than enough brow products in my collection and I was sure the Brow Pencil by Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo would be just another thing I would try once and set aside. But I must say, I’m really impressed by how well it fills the brows, very similar to my Bobby Brown brow pencil but at half the price.

Although I don’t like testing products on my scalp, the Scalp Detox Grow Gorgeous performed nicely. This is an exfoliating pre-wash treatment with small particles that are supposed to clean your scalp of products and make hair fresh and bouncy. I din’t feel any cooling effect the description promises, but it was fun to try it out. However, because I really have a lot of hair, I had to use a fair amount of product – at least I’ll use it up soon!

Next is the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I love pillow sprays or anything that smells of lavender that I can use to relax in the evening. My exact same small travel-sized bottle is almost empty, so this couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  :)


Another skincare product was Hydra Veil Primer by Illamasqua. I was really excited when I opened it up because Illamasqua has so many high-quality makeup products (their matt lipstics are incredible!), but I must say that I’m not that impressed after one use. The ingredients are nothing spectacular and my skin actually became quite oily throughout the day. I’ll have to give it another try before I decide whether I truly dislike it or not.

This Beauty Box also came with a Beauty Sponge. I usually apply foundations with a brush, and even if I feel using a sponge, my first choice will be a sponge softer to the touch. But it will come in handy at some point, that’s for sure!

To sum it up, the December Lookfantastic Beauty Box offers a bunch of interesting products that any skincare lover would enjoy. Having said that, I think this would make a perfect Christmas gift!

BBMU ali lepotni dogodek leta

 img_4156img_4297img_4247img_4181new-folderimg_4213img_4362img_4253img_4229img_4177untitledČetrti Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp ali kultni dogodek leta za lepotne blogerke je za nami (sicer že dobre tri tedne nazaj, ampak nisem skakala okrog in fotografirala zaman!). Konference BBMU sem se udeležila tretjič in prepričana sem, da nisem edina, ki meni, da je iz leta v leto boljša. Nika Veger si zasluži poklon in objem za mojstrsko organizacijo dogodka, dekleta znamo biti zelo zahtevna in včasih nam je kar težko vzeti sapo :) No, Niki in ostalim sponzorjem je ponovno uspelo prav to, celoten Mestni muzej in galerije Ljubljana je bil zavit v prijeten ambient, ki je na vsakem koraku skrival neomejeno število možnosti za fotografiranje.

img_4155img_4175img_4171Če kdo misli, da smo stradale … se resnično moti! ;) Barbarella, moj najljubši lokalček, kamor s sodelavko redno hodiva po kosila (njihova gobova mineštra in slane pitke so zakon!), je poskrbela za odlične smoothieje, juhice, brezglutenske (!!) kanapejčke … catering res ne bi mogel biti boljši. In še vse je tako lepo pripravljeno in instagramabilno, da sem spet dobila zagon za pripravo zdravih sladic!

new-folder1img_4516img_4537Zadnjih nekaj let vsako poletje nestrpno pričakujem informacije, ali bo Nika konferenco res organizirala, ker resnično predstavlja enkratno možnost, da smo vse navdušenke zbrane na enem mestu. Na BBMU-ju sem spoznala res izjemna dekleta, ki jih verjetno sicer nikoli ne bi srečala. Seveda sem navdušena nad vsemi darilci, ki smo jih prejele, ampak v resnici je namen tega dogodka povsem drugje. Predavatelji so načeli pomembne teme, o katerih bi morale dobro razmisliti prav vse – od doslednega označevanja plačanih objav (jaz jih do sedaj še nisem imela, vendar to vsekakor nameravam izrecno označiti, če kdaj do tega pride), pravnih vidikov bloganja in tudi oblikovanja lastnega cenika.

foto: Marko Delbello Ocepek // www.instagram.com/delbello69Vedno čudovita Tajda Rupnik(Foto:Marko Delbello Ocepek) 

foto: Marko Delbello Ocepek // www.instagram.com/delbello69Po prijetnem klepetu z Vaneso Kovše in Sandro Potišek (Foto:Marko Delbello Ocepek) 

Iz dna srca čestitam tudi vsem dobitnicam in dobitnikom nagrad BBMU, še posebej pa Niki in Moniki s Sugarlove Bloga! Lepo pa se zahvaljujem tudi vsem sponzorjem za prikupna darilca in razvajanje med dogodkom:

Erborian, Medex, Gardenia Ars Florae, Afrodita Kozmetika, Nelipot, Oriflame, s.Oliver, Barvish, Catrice, Essence, 4 kids and us, Kerastase, L’Occitane, Noela, Nuxe, The Body Shop, Makeup Revolution, Melvita, Skeyndor, Smile Concept Store, Caudalie, knjigarna Felix, Lampetie Blossom in Ramazzotti Aperitivo Rosato.

Če želite pogledati še vtise nekaterih drugih deklet, toplo priporočam ogled naslednjih posnetkov na Youtubu – če najdem še kakšno objavo, jo dodam :)

Sandra PotišekVanesa Kovše, Gabi Nedič, Valentina Poljak in Evina Lepotilnica.

Welcome 30’s with Vichy


A few weeks ago Vichy hosted a lovely event for their Slow Âge skincare line. The entire Slow Âge line is inspired by slow ageing in a hectic life of modern day. All the products are targeting the first signs of ageing, which makes it perfect as I’m slowly approaching the milestone of 30 years! The two creams differ in texture and consistency, but they both have quite strong scents that might be irritating to some people. This doesn’t present any problems to me as they disappear soon after the creams are applied. I tested them both thoroughly, so let’s start!

The daily Slow Âge is a rich moisturizer aimed at dry and sensitive skin enriched with antioxidant Biacalin, probiotic-derived Bifidus and mineralising thermal water. SPF 30 will also protect your face against the damaging UV rays – don’t forget to apply it on your neck as well. I actually got the exact one last year, but gave it away because I was certain it would not suit my normal to mixed complexion. This time, however, I decided to give it a try, because how often do you get two same Vichy face creams in one year?! ;) Honestly, I’m surprised by how nicely this cream performs, it doesn’t irritate my skin or make it oily, plus it works just fine underneath my makeup.

On the other hand, I already knew that the overnight treatment, i.e. the Slow Âge Nuit, would be perfect for my skin! This mask in gel form contains Resveratrol, Niacinamide, Caffeine and antioxidant Baïcalin Root Extract. I actually received a generous sample in the spring and slowly used it throughout the summer. It was actually on my wish list, that’s how much I liked it! In contrast to a somehow sweet scent of the daily mosturizer, the night mask has a slightly minty touch. You can use it two ways, as a regular night cream or as an intense mask that you apply in a thin layer and remove 10 minutes later. It works well over my moisturizing evening skincare and if it happens I’m too lazy to use anything else, this mask is the only product I go for. Its ingredient list is also less extensive than the daily cream, that one is a mouthful!

All in all, the Vichy Slow Âge line performs well on my skin, but I would rather recommend it to those with dry one, at least as far as the daily moisturizer goes. As a lover of serums and fluid textures, I have to purchase the Daily correcting care at one point and give it a try.

Below is a snippet of the Welcome 30’s Party, me and my sister had such a lovely time! It was so nice to take the evening off and just enjoy spending some time together. Thank you so much for having us! :)


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